you are baby

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 你们是家庭的宝贝,更是家庭的希望。
    You are the baby home, it is the hope of home.
  • 你是我的宝贝。
    You are my baby.
  • 我可以没有男朋友没有钱,可是我不能没有你们。——致我的闺蜜这句你同意么?
    Dear, you are my baby. You are the first person I wanna make that promise to.
  • 你是作为一个可爱的婴儿出生,而这婴儿有一天能够做出决定以他自己选择的方式去生活。
    You are born a BABY, who one day can make the decision to live his life as he himself chooses.
  • 这就是你的真面目。小坏蛋。
    But that's just who you are, baby.
  • 妈:你是我们的宝贝,我们应该为了你的幸福生活着想。
    Mum: You are our baby, we should, for the sake of your happiness.
  • 你就是我的宝贝!
    You are my baby!
  • 你是我的宝贝,是我的爱。
    You are my baby , Is my love.
  • “是的,”白色的鸟说,“我是一只天鹅,你是天鹅宝宝。”怪鸭子现在很高兴了。
    "Yes, " says the white bird. "I am a swan. And you are a baby swan. "The different duck is happy now.
  • 让一个婴儿抓住一根竿子,然后试着把竿子抽出来,如果你是这个婴儿,你会怎么做?
    Let a baby grasp a rod and try to pull it away, if you are the baby, what can you do?
  • 还记得你是个小婴儿的那些日子吗?
    Do you still remember the days when you are a baby!
  • 当你购买婴儿承运人,唐吨忘记以下几点。
    When you are buying baby carrier , don t forget following points.
  • 冷冻食品里都加了防腐剂。
    The frozen food has preservatives and the milk you are feeding your baby could be watered down.
  • 因为: 你们是家庭的宝贝,更是家庭的希望。
    Since: You are the baby home, it is the hope of home.
  • 我最爱妳,我爱你始终如一的作风,宝贝!
    I couldn't love you any better. I love you just the way you are. Baby!
  • 整个皇宫里我最喜欢你了…
    You are my favorite baby in the entire palace...
  • 因为没有大牙充分的研磨咀嚼,所以当你给固体食物宝宝吃的时候,就非常容易发生梗塞窒息的意外。
    Without molars to chew food, choking can happen at any time you are feeding your baby solid food.
  • “你是我的宝贝”的英文怎么写?怎么念?
    You are my baby. I love you very much.
  • 正是因为你的一声嘀哭,让一个家庭有了新的活力,是父母的宝贝。
    A family has a new life from your first cry, you are the baby of parents.
  • 你是我的宝贝我爱的宝贝,你给了我太阳。
    You are my baby love my baby love. You make the sun come up.
  • 因为你是我的小宝贝。
    Because of you are my little baby.
  • 我们出生时有300块骨头,但是当我们长大了之后,却只有206块了。
    When you are a baby you have 300 bones in your body. But when you grow up, your body only has 206.
  • 无论你是襁褓中的婴儿还是健壮如牛的青年,从牙牙学语到成家立业,母爱无时无刻不在你的身边。
    Whether you are a baby or bullocking youth, from babble out one's first speech sounds to marry and settle down, love every hour and moment is not in your side.
  • 冬天你是我的优乐美,夏天你是我的冰棒。
    In winter, you are my baby, you are my summer popsicle.