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n. 约克郡(英格兰东北的一郡)
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  • 体型小的狗一般比体型大的狗寿命更长——所以隔壁体型超小又喜欢嚷叫的约克郡犬可能能够活得更久。
    Small dogs generally live longer than big dogs—so that yappy Yorkshire terrier next door could be around for a long time.
  • 过去,这里每块区域的丰饶物产都让人印象深刻——纽卡斯尔周围的造船业,约克郡煤炭和羊毛。
    This was a land whose maps were marked with the goods each region produced—ships next to Newcastle, coal and wool for Yorkshire.
  • 约克郡布丁的制作方法是将面糊浇注在涂过油的烘培罐里,然后在高温下烘烤加热至其膨胀。
    Yorkshire pudding is cooked by pouring batter into a greased baking tin, and baking at a very high heat until it has risen.
  • 但同时也因为能够善终的公司事务—如约克郡人所说的“尽头”似乎总是凤毛鳞角。
    But it is also because the respectable end of the business seems to lack what Yorkshire folk call “bottom”.
  • 我想,是约克郡和新森林地区。
    WL: I think, Yorkshire and the New Forest.
  • 斯韦尔代尔,在约克郡,荒地的溪流和点缀着石头谷仓的地方,也分享第五位。
    Swaledale, in Yorkshire, with its moorland streams and fields dotted with stone barns, also shared fifth place.
  • 不管怎样,约克郡布丁是真正考验烹饪技能的一道点心。
    Whether or not your Yorkshire puddings rise is the true test of your cooking ability.
  • 南约克郡的唐卡斯特就是一个负面例子。
    A negative example is provided by Doncaster, in South Yorkshire.
  • 约克郡布丁不是真正的布丁。
    Yorkshire pudding is not a pudding.
  • “弄地差不多了就叫我一声。”莎拉说着就要回到房子里去。每当焦虑的时候,她的约克郡口音就会带出来。
    "Call me when you're nearly done," says Sarah, about to walk back to the house, her Yorkshire accent surfacing as it does when she's anxious.
  • 杨先生是南约克郡斯普罗特布鲁地区的巴士司机。 他说,要是妻子苏使用过任何乳霜,他就不能接近她。
    Mr Young, a bus driver from Sprotbrough, South Yorkshire, says he cannot get close to his wife Sue unless she is free of all creams.
  • 约克郡布丁是周日烤肉的必备;有些人会说这是膳食中最好的一部分。
    Yorkshire puddings are an accompaniment to Sunday roasts; some would say the best part of the meal.
  • 我去了伦敦,还去了约克郡、利物浦和新森林地区。
    WL: I went to London, and I went to Yorkshire, Liverpool and the New Forest.
  • 一种典型的约克郡吃法,它常使我想起盖伊节的晚上(焰火之夜),涂着浓浓黑色糖浆的姜饼,再加上一杯清茶,这是我在那天晚上的必选美餐。
    A quintessential Yorkshire treat and, while I always associate it with Guy Fawkes Night, this rich, dark treacle and ginger cake is my chosen slice with a cup of builder’s tea.
  • 而在约克郡的一间工厂,缺乏玩具的父亲们发现,那里最基本的产品——球形门把手——有个新用途,可以被做成悠悠球。
    And in one Yorkshire factory, toy-hungry fathers discovered that its basic product, round doorknobs, could serve a new use as yoyos.
  • 南约克郡警署和健康与安全执行部正在调查此事。
    South Yorkshire Police and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating.
  • 虽然名字叫约克郡布丁,而且感觉上像是是用面粉、牛奶、鸡蛋做出来的煎饼,但它其实不是一道甜点。
    Yorkshire Pudding is not a dessert inspite of its name, although it is similar in some ways to a pancake made with flour, milk and eggs.
  • 微型约克郡布丁,是牛肉与白萝卜根据一定的比例调和而成。
    Miniature Yorkshire puddings with a morsel of beef and horse radish make a great canapé.
  • 现在你已经找到了所有不出生于约克郡的梗类犬,但愿也知道了过滤器在过程中是多么的有用。
    You’ve now found all the Terriers that don’t hail from Yorkshire, and hopefully learned just how useful filters can be in the process.