worked up a sweat

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 珍妮花:我知道。我已忙得满头大汗了!
    Jen: I know. I've even worked up a sweat.
  • 这样你就不太可能冻透,尤其是你已经锻炼了一身汗的时候。
    This way, you're less likely to get chilled, especially if you've worked up a sweat.
  • 当别人住在舒适的住所里吹著空调的时候,我在步行著,流了些许的汗水也都被风吹乾了。
    As others had the comfort of shelter and air-conditioning, I walked and worked up a light sweat and was buffeted by the wind.
  • 老妇人在花园里干活干得出汗了。
    The old woman worked up a sweat in the garden.
  • 戈尔迪正在她的训练在楼梯上。 当她的教练科特认为她工作好汗,他认为她应该脱掉她的鞋子,所以他可以闻到那些可爱的脚。
    When her trainer Kurt thinks she has worked up a good sweat, he thinks she should take her shoes off so he can smell those lovely feet.
  • 她汗流浃背舂着米,这时有群苍蝇围着她头边嗡嗡直转。
    As she worked up a sweat, a swarm of flies began buzzing around her head.
  • 感恩节吃午饭,我和我侄子们一起踢足球,玩得大汗淋漓。第二天,吃感恩节后第一顿晚餐,我和我父亲一起与小孩子们游泳。
    My nephews and I tossed a football around and worked up a sweat durng Thanksgiving lunch, and the next day during a day-after-Thanksgiving dinner with my dad I went swimming with the kids.
  • 在上周,欧文继续缺席训练,当他的队友们进行战术演练和射门铲球训练时,他在隔壁Profihaus进行康复性训练。
    As in the previous weeks, Owen again missed training. While his team-mates practiced tactics, tackling and shots on goal, he worked up a sweat in rehab next door at the Profihaus.
  • 这位班长此时已是汗流浃背,于是腰带上装备的便携式空调器便迅速启动。
    He has worked up quite a sweat, though, so the portable air conditioner on his belt promptly starts circulating coolant via tiny tubes that run throughout his uniform.