winter world

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Winter World - 唱片名
Winter Military World Games - 世界军人运动会
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  • 他最新的系列,温特先生有了自己的世界。
    For his new series, Mr Winter has a world of his own.
  • 国际路障支持2022年在冬季举行世界杯
    Official backs 2022 winter World Cup
  • 这被睡莲覆盖的世界使它们好似置身于冰天雪地中,茫然不知所措。
    They were as confused by the world of leaves as they had been in winter by the world of ice.
  • 冰雪覆盖的冬天,人们都不喜欢出门。
    Harbin in winter is a world of snow and ice.
  • 今冬全球极端天气层出不穷。
    Extreme winter weather in the world after another.
  • 世界上没有无尽的寒冬。
    There is no endless winter in the world.
  • 人间没有永恒的夜晚,世界没有永恒的冬功天。
    There is no everlasting night in life, nor everlasting winter in the world.
  • 恍然间冬天一下子便降临了这个五彩斑斓的世界,让刚刚习惯了夏暑和秋凉的人们不免有点手足无措。
    Come to realize all of a sudden they come winter, this colorful world, so just get used to summer heat and cool autumn of people can not help but somewhat at a loss.
  • 它是一个已知事实KBS和MBC是与SBS的争吵在它以后设法绑专有权到像冬季奥运会和世界杯的体育事件上。
    It's a known fact that KBS and MBC have been bickering with SBS after it managed to secure exclusive rights to sporting events like the Winter Olympics and World Cup.
  • 有些地区在冬季不仅雪花片片,而是风雪连连。
    In some parts of the world, winter brings not just a season of snow but very dangerous blizzards .
  • 冬天是雪的世界。
    Winter is the world of snow.
  • 藉由世界冬季运动会的例子,我们发现装备上的细微差异就能决定孰胜孰败。
    Using examples from the world of winter sports, we demonstrate how even small changes in equipment can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • 冬天,把世界变成了银白色的;冬天,使世界充满诗意。我爱冬天!
    In winter, the world became a silver; In winter, the world is full of poetic. I love winter!
  • 大家就在静静地在这冬日暖阳下,或站着或蹲着,享受这可爱的静谧。
    Everybody is in warm in this winter day this world falls silently, or standing or crouching, enjoy this lovely quiet.
  • 但中质馏分油面临一个关键瓶颈;中质馏分油包括卡车和发电机使用的柴油,以及冬季全球各地使用的取暖油。
    A key choke point, however, is forming in middle distillates – the diesel used topower trucks and generators, and the heating oil that warms homes around the world in winter.
  • 魁北克狂欢节现在成为世界最大的冬季狂欢节。
    The Quebec Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world today.
  • 冬天,把世界变成了银白色的;
    In winter, the world became a silver;
  • 乔治·阿克劳夫和我刚刚写完了一本同名书籍,可是到今年冬天 《动物精神》 一书出版的时候,世界经济可能比现在更不景气。
    George Akerlof and I have just written a book by the same name, but by the time Animal Spirits appears later this winter, the world economy may be even worse than it is now.
  • 在冬天,整个世界是安静的。
    In winter, the world is quiet.