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conj. 然而;鉴于;反之
whereas - 然而,但是,鉴于
Whereas Clauses - 鉴于条款
whereas no - 但无,而no,而未
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然而 / 鉴于
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然而; 鉴于; 反之
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  • 1981年到1986年间适龄工作人口增长了100万,而现如今该人口数却几乎没有增长。
    Whereas the population of working age increased by 1 million between 1981 and 1986, today it is barely growing.
  • 他们想要一所房子,我们则宁愿住一套房间。
    They want a house, whereas we would rather live in a flat.
  • 养老金与通货膨胀挂钩,然而它们其实应该和生活费用挂钩。
    Pensions are linked to inflation, whereas they should be linked to the cost of living
  • 实用的行为确保了生存,反之理想化的观点正在趋于被更简化的和更直接的选择所取代。
    Pragmatic behavior guarantees survival, whereas idealistic views tend to be superceded by simpler, more immediate opinions.
  • 西德人喝葡萄酒,而他们东德的兄弟姐妹则喜欢喝杜松子酒。
    Whereas West Germans drink wine, their Eastern cousins prefer Schnapps
  • 人的生命是有限的,而其对生命的热情却是无限的。
    One's life is finite, whereas one's passion for life is infinite.
  • 多少世纪以来,一直在北极进行经济开发,但是,贸易却从未真正涉及过南极。
    And whereas the Arctic has been exploited economically for centuries, trade has never really touched antarctic.
  • 但罗马和我还将在这儿。
    Whereas Rome and I shall still be here.
  • 10年前我会为此担心得要命,但现在我接受了它是游戏的一部分。
    Whereas 10 years ago I would have worried myself to death about it, now I accept it is part of the game
  • 折磨是违法的,尽管我有传票。
    Harassment is illegal, whereas I have a subpoena.
  • 观众虽能辨认出影像的形状和动作,但其他细节则淹没在模糊的光影中。
    Movements and shapes can be perceived whereas all other details are swallowed in blurry light.
  • 她散发出真正的魅力,而大多数人只是举止优雅。
    She has authentic charm whereas most people simply have nice manners
  • 女孩进入社会工作了,而男孩去了国外继续学业。
    The gal went out to the working society, whereas the guy was overseas, continuing his studies.