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  • 你知道它是关于什么的吗?
    Do you know what it is about?
  • 对于这儿的这点,就是开始的那点,我知道它是什么。
    This point here, the point where I start,I know what it is.
  • 这只熊有一个难题。你看到它是什么了么?
    The bear has a problem. Do you see what it is?
  • 你知道巧克力是怎样生产和它是用什么做的吗?
    Do you know how the chocolate is produced and what it is made of.
  • 弗雷德,我知道它是什么!
    I know what it is, Fred!
  • 还记得家齐的第一场汉语桥的决赛吗?这是什么节目呢?
    Jiaqi in the first round of the final. Do you know what it is ?
  • 科学家们还在争论着它是什么以及它究竟是否存在这样的问题。
    Scientists are still arguing over what it is and whether it exists at all.
  • 如果你没有想到这是什么?
    If you have not guessed what it is?
  • 你能告诉我这是有什么制作的吗?
    Could you tell me what it is made of?
  • 当你听到一个字符,你应该知道不加思索,它是什么。
    When you hear a character, you should know, without thinking, what it is.
  • 如果你有一个具体的项目要通过我们的网络传播,你应该电子邮件,并附上说明它是什么我们。
    If you have a specific project you want to disseminate through our network, you should email us with a description of what it is.
  • 你们所知道的单调沉闷的工作和被生活拖着走将一去不复返,如果你们对天堂是什么样子有概念的话,关于它像什么你们可能有一点点印象。
    Gone will be the drudgery and drag of life as you know it, and if you have any concept of what paradise is like you may have just an impression of what it is like.
  • 这只老虎有一个难题。你看到它是什么了么?
    The tiger has a problem. Do you see what it is?
  • 猜一猜它是关于什么的?
    Guess what it is about .
  • 她知晓它是什么以及它曾经是什么:一个由理想而引起的理想,或许在等候它的时代再次来临。
    She knows what it is and what it was: an ideal that grew out of an idea, maybe one waiting for its time to come again.
  • 同理,俺仍然想像不出,这是一副什么样的情景。
    Similarly, I still can not figure out what it is like.
  • 看看下面这张照片,然后告诉我你是否知道它是什么。
    Take a look at the picture below and tell me if you know what it is.
  • 对于所有不喜欢数学的我们来说,我们都不得不做的事情就是为了知道生活是什么体验而生活下去。
    For all of us who do not like math all we have to do is live life in order to get a taste of what it is all about.
  • 你看到它是什么了么?
    Do you see what it is?
  • 秘密就是记录下我所吃的任何东西----无论它是什么---一直到最后一块饼干,下一天或下一个时刻重新开始记录。
    The secret is to record everything I eat — regardless of what it is — right down to the last cookie, and start anew the next day or next moment.
  • 人人都能明白它是什么。
    Everybody can see what it is.
  • 当你听到这声音时你知道它是什么吗?
    You know what it is when you hear this sound?
  • 请给我讲讲这首歌唱的是什么?
    Tell me what it is about .
  • 这只狐狸有一个难题。你看到它是什么了么?
    The fox has a problem. Do you see what it is?
  • 告诉我告诉我这是什么。
    Tell me tell me what it is.
  • 我敢打赌我知道里面是什么……是一些花。
    I bet I know what it is…some flowers.
  • 该公司似乎对将来的发展没有什么政策-它下一步可能要采取的什么措施象是猜谜游戏。
    The company seems to have no policy for future development – what it is likely to do next is a guessing game.