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Well-Integrated - 中一半为高语义关联度
Well-Defined Integrated Evaluation - 非模糊综合评判,非模糊综合评判
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  • 柔和典型的莎当妮散发着诱人的香气,且有着结实、完整的酸度。
    Delicate, typical varietal bouquet of exotic fruits with firm, well-integrated acidity.
  • 口感:厚身的酒体,含有完整的单宁,入口柔滑,充满成熟浆果的余韵,是一支十分好的副牌酒。建议在2006年后饮用。
    Palate: Full-bodied, with well-integrated tannins and a silky, ripe fruit finish. Very good second wine, almost too good. Best after 2006.
  • 特别法庭是为主流社会成员、而非个体设立的。 。
    The tribunals were established for the well-integrated members of society and not for marginal individuals.
  • 它们用那简洁而优良的用户界面,以及强大而拖沓的功能给我们留下极好的印象。
    Both have greatly impressed us with a simple, well-integrated interface and just the right balance of great function without feature bloat.
  • 口感:厚身的酒体,含有完整的单宁,入口柔滑,充满成熟浆果的余韵,是一支十分好的副牌酒。
    Palate: Full-bodied, with well-integrated tannins and a silky, ripe fruit finish. Very good second wine, almost too good.
  • 微软有完备的操作系统和应用套装软件。
    Microsoft has well-integrated operating system and application suite.
  • JPA 提供一种标准的 OR 映射解决方案,该解决方案完全集成到 EJB 3.0 兼容的容器中。
    JPA provides a standard OR mapping solution that's well-integrated into an EJB 3.0-compliant container.
  • 果香与可可豆口味极为平衡,令其酒质柔和,完整,回味醇美而持久。
    A terrific balance between fruit and cocoa flavors delivers a soft, well-integrated wine with a lush, lingering finish.
  • 我们对这些食品安全工作伙伴的能力建设和发挥作用,要看我们怎样才能有一个完备整合的国家食品安全系统,并使之便捷有效地发挥出其所能发挥的作用。
    Building and leveraging the capacity of these food safety partners is how we can have a well-integrated, national food safety system that is as effective and efficient as it can be.
  • 此酒呈深宝石红色。黑莓、紫罗兰与烘烤咖啡豆的混合芳香,精致而迷人。醇厚的酒体十分复杂,口感优雅而纯净。
    Dark ruby. A captivating and refined nose with well-integrated aromas of blackberries, violets and roasted coffee beans. Elegance and purity characterize this extremely complex and densely woven wine.
  • 火星跟木星之间形成的三分相显示你的物质资源以良好整合的方式来运用。
    The trine formed between Mars and Jupiter shows that your physical resources are applied in a well-integrated way.
  • 外部时尚简洁的线条设计与前一代含蓄的设计相结合,而内饰带来精致和豪华的感觉。
    The crisp lines of the exterior design incorporate cues from its predecessor while the interior has a well-integrated, luxury feel.
  • 目前的趋势很明显,RDBMS 供应商不愿意把市场份额让给 NXD,它们会提供完全成熟而且更全面的 XML 解决方案,以此满足客户的需要。
    In a clear trend, RDBMS vendors, unwilling to give up market share to NXDs, offer their own fully fledged but well-integrated XML solutions to answer the needs of their customers.
  • 我们的研究表明一个拥有能融入他们的社区的更多有责任心的和有目标的公民的社会才有可能是一个健康和长寿的社会。
    Our studies suggest that a society with more conscientious goal-oriented citizens who are well-integrated into their communities is likely to be a society of health and long life.
  • 其细胞支架复合体异体移植修复关节软骨缺损的病理形态学特征为:①修复后的关节面光滑,与周围组织整合良好;
    The gross and histological features of the allograft cells-scaffold constructs were as follows: ①the articular surface was smooth and well-integrated with adjacent tissues;