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adv. 热情地;温暖地;亲切地
warmly - 温暖地,热情地,暖和地
warmly applauded - 热烈的掌声,热烈鼓掌,温暖地鼓掌
warmly approving - 强烈的赞同
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  • 凯瑟琳走上前来,热情地拥抱他。
    Katherine walked up and embraced him warmly.
  • 她热情地握我的手。
    She pressed my hand warmly.
  • 有一家家庭小餐馆热情地接待了我们,他们告诉我们什么地方可以扎营,到了晚上我们还买到了啤酒和番木瓜色拉。
    We were greeted warmly by a family that ran a small restaurant. They showed us spots where we could camp and later in the evening they sold us beer and spicy papaya salad.
  • 相反的,店员会亲切地打招呼,并且协助寻找需要的东西。
    Instead, the clerks greet them warmly and offer to help them find what they want.
  • 她热情地向我们伸出了双手。
    She warmly extended both hands towards us.
  • 让他吃惊的是,圣彼得突然从他门口的座位上起身站起来,走过长长的队伍来到他跟前,跟他热情的打招呼。
    To his surprise, Peter left his desk at the gate and came down the long line to where the lawyer was, and greeted him warmly.
  • 所以,举个例子说,就是给人一杯热饮确实会使那人的行为更热情,而一杯冷饮,也的确会让人产生疏离感并且彼此冷漠。
    " So, for example, giving someone a warm drink actually makes people feel and behave more "warmly" toward others, while a cold drink evokes the "cold shoulder" and promotes distant behavior.
  • “就这种关联而言”,我的朋友热情地说,“我必须告诉你另一个故事。
    "In this connection", said my friend warmly, "I must tell you another story.
  • 在我倒茶和咖啡时,一个穿着肮脏的无领长袖运动衫的瘦小黑人热情地握了握我的手,问我今天过的怎么样。
    As I pour tea and coffee, an emaciated black man in a filthy sweatshirt shakes my hand warmly and asks me how I'm doing today?
  • 太阳又开始温暖地照耀着,云雀在歌唱,美丽的春天已经来临了。
    The sun began to shine warmly again. The larks were singing and beautiful spring had come.
  • 运用一些类似“亲爱的”的私人称呼并且在签名处写下“真挚地”、“亲切地”或是“最好地”。
    Provide a more personalized salutation such as "Dear" and use a personal closing line such as "Sincerely," "Warmly" or "Best.
  • 他和我们热情地握手。
    He shook hands warmly with us.
  • 我在工作中对待同事既友好又热情,但他们中的许多人却不喜欢我。
    I treat my co-workers politely and warmly at work. But many of them don’t like me.
  • 蒂姆热情地招呼她。
    Tim greets her warmly.
  • 热情问候他们,和他们做个简短谈话,让他们放松放松。
    Greet your candidates warmly and chat with them briefly to help them relax.
  • 听完我的诉苦后,他热情地笑着说:“回家吧,去陪赛巴斯蒂安玩。
    He listened and then smiled warmly and told me, "Go home. Play with Sebastian.
  • 问:我在工作中对待同事既友好又热情,但他们中的许多人却不喜欢我。
    Q: I treat my co-workers politely and warmly at work. But many of them don’t like me.