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adv. 嬉闹地;放纵地;繁茂地
wantonly - 肆意,尽情,悍然
wantonly wilfully - 肆意
Squander Wantonly - 挥霍无度
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  • 抛弃了一切道义与真理,肆意作恶,尽情裸奔。
    To abandon all moral truth and wantonly evil, much Luoben.
  • 如果生物链的一头断了,那么另一种动物就会大肆繁殖,甚至威胁到人类,大家记住保护动物。
    If a broken food chain, then another will wantonly breeding animals, and even a threat to humanity, we bear in mind the protection of animals.
  • 他们明目张胆地对我国不断发动武装入侵。
    They openly and wantonly carried out repeated armed intrusions into our country.
  • 没有其他人会像汤米獾那样放肆地翻掘苔藓。
    No one else grubs up the moss so wantonly as Tommy Brock.
  • 十五年中,这古园的形体被不能理解它的人肆意雕琢,幸好有些东西是任谁也不能改变它的。
    In fifteen years, people who didn’t understand this old park had wantonly altered some of its design and structure.
  • 一时间,他竟荒唐地想象着爱丽丝和自己一起居住在这个山谷,直到永远。或许是被某种魔力困在这里,不让他们离开。
    For the moment, he imaged wantonly that alice lives with himself in this valley forever. Maybe they were trapped by some magical force that prevent them from leaving here.
  • 冲涌出的沟壑深深浅浅的在你我的脸上肆意漫延。
    Poured out of a deep gully of red light at my face you wantonly spread.
  • 一瞬间,思念开始伸展,如万千藤条缠绕在心。雨丝落在发梢,那雨,肆意地把那些卷折的心事又层层铺开来。
    Moment, miss start stretching, such as entanglement in mind thousands of rattan. then rain, wantonly to put those thoughts volume discount and spread to every level.
  • 国人不仅在海外大肆摆谱比阔,而且干脆以“阔佬”自居了。
    Not only in our overseas than wantonly across wide, but simply to "generous" itself.
  • 风依旧肆意吹着,爸爸就像那棵树,还在落叶。
    The wind is still blowing wantonly, father like that tree, still leaves.
  • 蒲公英笑容般放纵地绽开,像大地上一枚枚彩色的钮扣。
    The taraxacum wantonly expressed their smiles, like the coloured buttons on the ground.
  • 其中较为典型的表征,是“火星文”的大肆使用。
    Among them relatively typical token, be " Martian article " use wantonly .
  • 当被邀请人的名单是随意拟定,充斥着不相关的人、却又缺少拥有足够权限的决策者来推动进程的时候,这种会议是很危险的。
    Meetings are also dangerous when their list of invitees has been wantonly constructed, filled with irrelevant people and lacking decisionmakers with the authority to get things moving.
  • 更有甚者,一些根本与民政无关的人看到经营墓地的丰厚利润,也大肆违规建立一些“非法公墓”并推向社会销售。
    Even worse, some of the fundamental human and civil unrelated to the cemetery to see their huge profits, but also wantonly violated a number of "illegal cemetery, " and to the public sales.
  • 先是其在“2005宏观经济引导力”论坛上大肆宣扬“富人优先论”,称“我是一个商人,我不应该考虑穷人”,从而“令与会者感到非常惊奇”。
    First, its "2005 guide to macroeconomic" forums wantonly spread "rich priority theory, " saying "I am a businessman, I do not consider the poor, " thus "the participants are very surprised.