—— 英文翻译成中文


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adj. 受通缉的;被征求的
v. 缺少( want的过去式和过去分词 );应该;打算;需要…在场
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  • 我们拥有一切我们想要的配置。
    We have everything configured as we wanted.
  • 因为我想要让你知道。
    Because I wanted you to know.
  • “在我的一生中,我想做一些事”,她说。
    “I wanted to do something in my life, ” she said.
  • 我想和你们中的每一位分享这个故事。
    I wanted to share his story with each of you.
  • 那么,他有何信心认为自己想要做的事情是正确的?
    How, then, did he find the confidence to do what he wanted?
  • 他想娶她为妻,她也愿意嫁给他。
    He wanted to marry her, and she would have him.
  • 他需要一些东西,但是我不能领会。
    He wanted something, but I could not understand him.
  • 他明白无误地暗示,要我别进去。
    He clearly hinted that he wanted me not to get in.
  • 他们想分割这家公司。
    They wanted to dismember the company.
  • 我们的一个项目中的业务人员真的非常需要此功能,因此我们为他们在其中一个屏幕中实现了部分此功能。
    The business people on one of our projects really wanted this feature, so we implemented part of it on one of the screens for them.
  • 我想和你们分享他们其中一人的故事。
    I wanted to share one of their stories with you.
  • 约翰有意说出, 但玛丽要他守口如瓶。
    John wanted to talk, but Mary told him to keep his lips buttoned.
  • 是的,我想过成为一个宇航员。
    Yes, I have wanted to be an astronaut.
  • 他要求知道原因和做法。
    He wanted to know why and how.
  • 我想让他给我一个答案。
    I wanted an answer from HIM.
  • 你总是想去做的是什么事?
    What have you always wanted to do?
  • 我们希望在一起。
    We wanted to be together.
  • 但是没有医院要她。
    But no hospital wanted her.
  • 约翰盯住每一个机会,因为他想获得成功。
    John watched every opportunity because he wanted to get on.
  • 我希望他和我在一起时感觉舒服。
    I wanted him to be comfortable with me.