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n. 共鸣;电颤琴;气氛(vibe的复数)
v. 发生共鸣(vibe的三单形式)
Vibes - 电颤琴,直觉的感应,颤动的声音
sumt vibes - 惩罚函数情绪
Creative Vibes - 出版者
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  • 你到底给别人的是什么感觉?
    What vibes are you sending out?
  • 你的孩子会在这些负面的情绪上与你产生共鸣,这可能给他们带来压力。
    Your kids get these negative vibes from you, and it puts pressure on them.
  • 关心他人,将这个良好的氛围扩散。
    Focus on others and spread good vibes all around you.
  • 这样的时候积极的思维总是能传递恰当的波动,而且可以让你赢得眼球。
    It is these times that a positive mindset can send the right vibes across and can really give you a lot of attention.
  • 无论是你所生活的社区有一些令人不愉快的事情发生,还是没有积极的氛围,那么也许是你搬家的时间到了。
    Whether something distasteful has happened in your community or you just don’t get positive vibes from your neighbors, it may be time to move.
  • 只要展现那些吸引人的直觉感应,便能立刻提升你的魅力。
    Just putting out those attraction vibes will instantly increase your mojo.
  • 事实是,你能强烈的感应到别人的想法和感受,以至于你难以分辨哪个是你的情感,哪个是别人的。
    What happens is that you start pickin' up the thought, feelings & vibes of others so strongly that it can be hard to separate which are yours & which are from others...
  • 通过以下一些积极沟通的基本原则,我们的确可以在每天活动的周围传播许多好的氛围。
    By following some basic rules of positive communication, we can indeed spread a lot of good vibes in the spaces that we move around everyday.
  • 研究显示人们在看到黄色时大脑会分泌更多的色拉托宁而产生更多的正面情绪。
    Studies have shown that the brain actually releases more seratonin when the eye takes in yellow - creating positive psychological vibes.
  • 你所产生的积极的气氛会让你在接下来的跑步中保持动力。
    The positive vibes you generatewill help keep you motivated for the rest of your run.
  • 我从来没有遇到过这样一位伴侣,与我着实古怪的生活节奏那么合拍。
    I've never had a partner so in sync with my rather odd vibes.
  • 这样你就会与你周围的人产生良好的共鸣。
    And you'll generate good vibes among people that you pass.
  • 一位卖T恤的男士说:“对于这个未来的总统我十分激动”。
    "I've got good vibes about this one, " said the man selling T-shirts.
  • 您散发的正气越多,得到的正面的回馈也就越多。
    The more positive vibes you emit, the more positive ripples will return to you.
  • 大笑瑜伽指导顾问保罗特立尼达说,用笑来驱除烦恼能够促进心理健康。目前保罗正从事一项传播笑声和扩散良好氛围的任务。
    Guidance counsellor Paolo Trinidad says laughing awayproblems will promote a healthier mindset, and he has embarked ona mission to spread the laughter and the good vibes.
  • 一开始,我的话不多,不想放下戒心;但我很快认识到,拒不接受我们之间的善意和萌发的友谊无济于事。
    I was not very talkative at first, not wanting to lower my guard, but quickly realized it was no use fighting against good vibes and the beginning of a friendship.
  • 我为Vibes写了一个关于人文医学的文章。
    I wrote an article about medical humanities for Vibes.
  • 之后,他们发现猎蝽所产生的共鸣最接近于蜘蛛的猎物。
    And they found that assassin bug's vibes most closely matched some of those of prey.
  • 研究人员经分析各造访生物震动的频率、持续时间以及振幅发现,食虫椿象与蜘蛛的某些猎物的震动特点最为相似。
    Then the researchers analyzed the frequency, duration and amplitude of each visitor's vibrations. And they found that assassin bug's vibes most closely matched some of those of prey.