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n. [兽医] 兽医(veterinarian的复数)
Veterinarians - 兽医,兽医所,兽医
o Veterinarians - 兽医
And Veterinarians - 以及兽医
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  • 在宠物食品召回事件中,我们了解到宠物主人有两个最可靠的信息来源:其他宠物主人和兽医。
    In the pet-food recall, we knew the two most credible sources of information for pet owners were other pet owners and veterinarians.
  • 虽然在兽医的治疗下它的病情有短暂缓解,但它的身体状况仍在最近几天迅速恶化下去。
    Following a short-lived improvement of her condition, her general state of health deteriorated over the last days despite continuous efforts by the veterinarians.
  • 兽医初步分析这些马匹死于中毒,目前仍然在采集样本研究死因,预计要数日才能完成。
    Veterinarians believe the horses died of poisoning and are currently performing tests though identifying a possible cause could be days away.
  • 检验通常由指定的兽医或肉类检验员在屠宰厂进行。
    The inspection is usually carried out by designated veterinarians or meat inspectors at the abattoir.
  • 有些兽医说动物确实体验了这种症状或者类似的症状。
    Some veterinarians say animals do experience it, or a version of it.
  • 狗狗通常恢复的很快,兽医说,并且同时它们仍然可以发出声音,只是声音变得压抑和沙哑了。
    Dogs generally recover quickly, veterinarians say, and while they usually can still make sounds, their barks become muffled and raspy.
  • 粮农组织帮助在参与性疫病监测和反应(PDS/R)技术方面培训地方兽医和准兽医团队。
    FAO has helped to train teams of local veterinarians and paraveterinarians in participatory disease surveillance and response (PDS/R) techniques.
  • 纵容行为,无论是开处方的医师、消费者还是兽医的纵容行为,都可能导致一线治疗的损失,这是浪费的极度表现。
    Condoning behaviours, whether by prescribers, consumers, or veterinarians, that contribute to the loss of front-line treatments is an extreme expression of waste.
  • 实现这一目标的职责主要在于有关公共卫生当局。 通常,兽医和屠宰场肉类检验人员代表着公共卫生当局。
    The responsibility for achieving this objective lies primarily with the relevant public health authorities who are normally represented by veterinarians or meat inspectors at the abattoir.
  • 当地的兽医知道如何帮助受伤的狗。
    Local veterinarians know how to help wounded dogs.
  • 因此,某些职业群体,如牧民、农民、屠宰工人和兽医,感染风险较高。
    Certain occupational groups such as herders, farmers, slaughterhouse workers and veterinarians are therefore at higher risk of infection.
  • 病人是农场主、兽医和农场工人。
    The human cases are: farmers, veterinarians and farm workers.
  • 那里的兽医说马乔的肾脏衰竭无法医治,于是给它实施了安乐死。
    Veterinarians there said he was suffering from irreversible kidney failure and euthanized him.