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n. 版本;译文;倒转术
version - 版本,译本,说法
Cover version - 翻唱,翻唱,翻唱版本
Version Control - 版本控制,版本管理,版本
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版本, 翻译
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  • 该如何对端点进行版本控制?
    How do you version the endpoint?
  • 如果您必须做出一个变更 ,使它与发布版本不相兼容,不管是什么原因,那么就会有一个临时后门丧失这个约束的能力。
    If you must make a change that would be incompatible with a released version, for whatever reason, then there is a back door of temporarily disabling this constraint.
  • 如果不打算这样做,则当供应商撤消对该版本的支持时您要怎么做呢?
    If not, what do you do when the vendor withdraws support for that version?
  • 在这里一些人可能认为应该打印出内存中的版本。
    Some might think that at this point you should print out the version in memory.
  • 只需升级一个磁盘,然后从它引导;当需要返回到另一个版本时,只需从另一个磁盘引导。
    You simply upgrade one disk then boot off it, and when you need to go back to the other version, simply boot off that disk instead.
  • 但是,这只是这个问题最简单的一种版本。
    But this describes only the simplest version of the problem.
  • 然而,这只是世界毁灭的一个版本而已。
    But this is only one version of apocalypse out there.
  • 你需要哪个版本?
    Which version do you want?
  • 不过,客户不能获得此版本对应的源代码。
    However, you do not get the source code with this version.
  • 相反,每个文件的每一个版本都可以被追溯到这个活动,因此这个变更请求就可以引起变更。
    Conversely, each and every version of every file can be traced back to the activity, and therefore the change request, that caused the change.
  • 对于第二种方法,您不需要进行流程版本控制。
    With the second method, you do not need to version the process.
  • 在这种情况下,您可以捕获来自流的资源,将您制订的该资源的版本发布到流中,或者也可以把您的工作与流资源合并起来。
    In this situation, you can either catch up the resource from the stream, release your version of the resource to the stream, or merge your work and the stream resource.
  • 他何必要关心你买了什么版本呢?
    Why should he care which version you choose?
  • 而且,您还需要知道哪个产品支持哪个版本的标准——而这就是我们下一个主题将讨论的内容。
    Moreover, you also need to know which product supports which version of which standard -- which brings us to our next topic.
  • 您需要将编辑的内容传播到每个新版本中。
    You need to propagate the edits over each new version.
  • 在 IBM,我们已经将验证和记录直接构建到窗口小部件类中,所以在使用我们的窗口小部件类版本时,不需要那些额外的代码。
    At IBM, we have built verification and logging directly into our widget classes, so those additional lines of code are not necessary when using our version of the widget classes.
  • 用这个版本我们是否可以做些其他的呢?
    So what else can we do with this version?
  • 您输入的每个命令都被记录下来,以便您能够返回到该命令,并再次按原样运行它,或者编辑它并运行编辑后的版本。
    Every command that you enter is recorded so that you go back to the command and either run it again verbatim, or edit it and run the edited version.
  • 在我们的产品的版本管理中基线对我们来说是十分重要的。
    The baseline is very important for us in the version management of our products.
  • 这说明了新版本的应用程序兼容性。
    This illustrates the application compatibility with the new version.
  • 每个设备可以在该平台的同一版本上工作。
    Every device can be the same version of the platform.
  • 那么,怎样才能用好版本控制呢?
    So, how do you use version control well?