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v. 取消订阅;注销;注销账户
Unsubscribe - 取消订阅,注销账户,退订
Unsubscribe confirm - 确认取消订阅
Email Unsubscribe - 退订指的是收件人明确要求把自己的邮件地址列表从一个或多个邮寄列表中删除
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不同意, 取消到一个新闻组的注册, 要求某邮件单不要再发送邮件 (因特网用语)
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  • 假期时间退订来自那些你曾留下邮箱地址的店家消息还有退订你已订阅但不再增值的网页信息。
    Unsubscribe to the stores you gave your email address to over the holidays and to the sites you subscribed to but don't continue to add value.
  • 请确保第一个按钮显示:“取消订阅”?。
    Please make sure that the first button says “Unsubscribe”?.
  • 此值用于控制订阅生命周期,例如用于暂停订阅或暂停退订状态(请参见 通知退订器)。
    This value is used to control the subscription life cycle, for example, to pause a subscription or unsubscribe (see Notification unsubscriber).
  • 如果你真的想从自己生活中摆脱电视,就立刻取消订阅。
    If you’re serious about removing TV from your life, unsubscribe immediately.
  • ac=["subscribe" 或者 "unsubscribe"] -- 请求动作
    ac=["subscribe" or "unsubscribe"] -- requested action
  • 如果你现在讨厌我,也许过一会会改变看法,你可以随便改变看法。
    If you hate me now, you probably won’t like me later, so feel free to unsubscribe and never return.
  • IDS 提供了用于暴露 WebSphere MQ 提供的每个接口 —— 读取、接收、发送、发布、订阅和取消订阅 —— 的函数,以及用于发送和接收大型消息的函数。
    IDS provides functions exposing each interface WebSphere MQ provides -- read, receive, send, publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe -- and functions to send and receive large messages.
  • 同样,退订一切新闻、通知等类似邮件,因此你不必花时间在收件箱里处理它们。
    Also unsubscribe from newsletters and notifications and so forth, so you don’t have to spend time processing them in your inbox.
  • 另外一个好处是,相关用户就可以可以订阅和取消订阅摘要,而无需构建工程师的帮助。
    An added benefit is that the relevant users can subscribe and unsubscribe to the feed without having to involve the build engineer.
  • 如果太过频繁,人们则会退订;
    Too often, and people will unsubscribe; not enough, and they will forget.
  • 它将提供方法来公开与 SIP 基础架构的消息交互,这些方法包括 subscribe、unsubscribe 和 sendNotifications。
    It will provide methods that expose message interactions with the SIP infrastructure including subscribe, unsubscribe, and sendNotifications.
  • 允许页面组件取消所有其他页面组件对可用的全局事件的订阅。
    Allows page component to unsubscribe from a global event that is available to all other page components.
  • 而如果你按住某个文件夹或者订阅源,就会有重命名文件夹和取消订阅的选项出现,大大提高了应用的可用性。
    And if you hold down a folder or a particular subscription, you'll have the option to rename folders or unsubscribe from feeds, something that makes the app much more usable.
  • 确保所有的营销邮件中包含退订的方法。
    Be sure to always include a way for people to unsubscribe in all your email campaigns.
  • 退订所有垃圾邮件(15分钟)-就算你不退订,但对你不再有用的邮件还是垃圾邮件。
    Unsubscribe from ALL junk email (15 minutes) – Even if you subscribed, it is junk if it is not useful to you anymore.
  • 清单 9 演示如何预订多播消息或取消预订。
    Listing 9 shows how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from multicast messages.
  • 选择包括 subscribe、sendNotifications、getNotifications 和 unsubscribe。
    Choices include subscribe, sendNotifications, getNotifications, and unsubscribe.
  • 你可以启用技术,在邮件中加入一个退订链接。
    You can leverage technology to include a preference center driven unsubscribe link.
  • 警报订阅:用于订阅和退订不同的预定义警报。
    Alerts subscription: Use to subscribe and unsubscribe to different predefined alerts.
  • 管理你的联系人列表,以便迅速、有效地回复索取更多信息或退订的请求。
    Manage your contact lists so you can respond quickly and efficiently to requests for more information or requests to unsubscribe.
  • 我建议你看看,浏览下它们的资料。 如果你喜欢你看的,试着订阅一个吧(你可以随时退订别担心)。
    I suggest you give them a look, browse their archives, and if you like what you see, try a test subscription (you can always unsubscribe later).
  • 至少,你会从中学到两个中的一点:找到你真正的人生目标——或者——你不该再订阅我的博客。
    At the very least, you’ll learn one of two things: your true purpose in life -or- that you should unsubscribe from this blog.