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adj. 不间断的;连续的
uninterrupted - 不停的,连续的,不断的
uninterrupted operation - 无停电运行
uninterrupted nature - 不间断性
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不间断的, 不断的, 连续的
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  • 不间断和持续供应有治疗保证的抗结核药物,是结核控制的根本之道。
    An uninterrupted and sustained supply of quality-assured anti-TB drugs is fundamental to TB control.
  • 他建议寻找时间进行不间断工作,这一点很符合现在多任务工作的情况。
    His advice to find time for uninterrupted work is particularly relevant to today's multi-tasking world.
  • 比如说,如果突然没了网络信号,你也可以不中断地继续玩游戏。
    Gamers, for instance, can continue playing uninterrupted even if their device loses its signal.
  • 缺乏适当的系统以确保药物的质量和不间断供应;
    inadequate systems to ensure quality and uninterrupted supply of medicines
  • 未来可能真的取决于成本低廉的航空公司,但他们为连续不断的增长下赌注未免过于愚蠢。
    The future may indeed lie with the low-cost airlines, but they would be foolish to bet on uninterrupted growth.
  • 实施起来既耗时又昂贵,并有可能无法生产足够的单剂量产品来确保全球的不间断供应。
    This would be time consuming and expensive to implement and it may not be possible to produce sufficient single-dose product to ensure uninterrupted global supply.
  • 这意味着当一台服务器关闭时,另一台就在不间断地运行。
    This means that while one server is down, the other is running uninterrupted.
  • 每晚8小时的不间断睡眠。
    Get uninterrupted 8 hours sleep each night.
  • 数据库设置和所有工作负载不间断地连续执行。
    The database setup and all of the workloads are executed in a single uninterrupted sequence.
  • 这样的操作会花费一定的时间,因此您希望在工具运行期间具有对预先存在的表数据的虚拟不间断访问。
    Such operations can take a substantial amount of time, and you will appreciate having virtually uninterrupted access to pre-existing table data while the utility is running.
  • 通常,沿着一个封闭的时间型曲线发生的事件不可能与沿着这个曲线不间断地增加的一致性相符合。
    In general, events along a closed timelike curve cannot be compatible with an uninterrupted increase of entropy along the curve.
  • 如果一个擅自占用者占用弃耕地,并连续不断长达12年,原土地所有人的产权将消灭。
    Where a squatter occupies derelict land and continues in uninterrupted possession for 12 years, the owner’s title to land is destroyed.
  • 当正在更改名称的时候,为了提供对用户的数据库的连续访问,会有一段时间使用原名称和新名称都可以访问系统和数据库。
    To provide uninterrupted access to a user's databases while a name change is in progress, there is a period of time in which both the old and new names are allowed access to the systems and databases.
  • 冷藏肉制品和冷冻肉制品在储藏、运输和陈放期间要求冷链不间断,而货架寿命并不长。
    Chilled and frozen meat products require an uninterrupted cold chain during storage, transportation and display and have a short shelf life.
  • 但是电网需要不间断的、可靠的电力供应以服务大众。
    But power grids need uninterrupted, reliable flows of energy in order to guarantee electricity to masses.
  • 因此,提供不间断的持续服务、将停机和维护时间降到最少就变得至关重要。
    Providing uninterrupted and continuous service, and minimizing downtime and maintenance becomes paramount.
  • 再比如,在太阳光被云层挡住时,太阳能电池会停止产生电能,这时就可用快速充放电电池将已存储的电能迅速放出,这意味着不间断的太阳能供电。
    And batteries that gave up their stored energy quickly could mean uninterrupted solar power, pitching in when the sun goes behind a cloud and solar cells stop producing.
  • 这个新页面可以让用户连续观看提交到Reddit上的视频。
    The new page allows users uninterrupted viewing of videos submitted to Reddit.