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umbilical - 脐带,脐,脐部,脐带缆
umbilical cord - 脐带,脐,脐带异常,脐带细胞系统
umbilical artery - 脐动脉,这个也属于当时能看懂的,胎儿脐动脉,及脐动脉
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  • 没有理由去考虑这个,但是脐带是如此漂亮的一件事物。
    There’s really no reason to think about it but the umbilical cord is a beautiful thing.
  • 如果医生将胎儿、胎盘、脐带、或羊膜的碎片滞留在你的身体里,你会发生疼痛、出血,或者低烧。
    If your doctor leaves pieces of the baby, placenta, umbilical cord, or amniotic sac in your body, you may develop pain, bleeding, or a low grade fever.
  • 这种血利用基因工程采集脐带细胞制造而成,研制者使用一台能模拟骨髓工作原理的机器大批量产生可以使用的红血细胞。
    The genetically-engineered blood is created by taking cells from umbilical cords and using a machine to mimic the way bone marrow works to produce mass quantities of usable units of red blood cells.
  • 一位急诊室医生立即赶到停车场将脐带剪断,此后有多名医生一直守侯在约翰逊身边,直到她被送往另外一家专门设有妇产科的联盟镇医院。
    An emergency room physician cut the umbilical cord in the parking lot, and doctors attended to Johnson until she could be taken to Uniontown Hospital, which has a maternity unit.
  • 通常是胎儿头部先出来,最后是脐带,婴儿产出后再将脐带剪掉。
    The baby's head usually comes first; the umbilical cord comes out with the baby and is cut after the baby is delivered.
  • 一条无形的脐带应该将他们导向一个更成熟的心智,引导他们更健康的成长。
    They need help. An invisible umbilical cord should connect them to a mature conscience.
  • 这个剧场好像是通过一个巨大的脐带和这个城市得以连接。
    It’s as if the theater were connected to the city by a gigantic umbilical cord.
  • 干细胞从人类胚胎,脐带和骨髓等组织中提取。
    Stem cells can be found inside human embryos, umbilical cords and bone marrow, among other sources.
  • 结论彩色多普勒超声诊断胎儿脐带绕颈安全、可靠、准确性高,具有很高的临床价值。
    Conclusion It was safe, reliable and accurate to diagnose umbilical cord around the neck by CDFI.
  • 还有什么比那些由于长时间乘车已经疲惫不堪的父母看到有经验的医生为新生儿剪掉他们没有用的脐带更积极乐观的事吗?
    Could anything be more life-affirming than a deliriously tired parent pushing the experienced doctors out of the way in order to hack off their helpless newborn’s umbilical cord?
  • 一付脐带可以生产出大约20个单位有用血液。
    One umbilical cord can be turned into around 20 units of usable blood.
  • 目的探讨彩多普勒超声对胎儿脐带绕颈的价值。
    Objective To discuss the diagnostic value of color Doppler flow imaging (CDFI) in umbilical cord around the neck.
  • 166位新生儿在出生后的十秒钟就被剪断了脐带。
    In 166 cases the newborns had their umbilical cords clamped within ten seconds of delivery.
  • 胎盘维持镇静的作用在当脐带封闭保持胎儿足够的摄取氧气时被揭示。
    The role of the placenta in maintaining sedation is revealed when the umbilical cord is closed off while keeping the fetus adequately supplied with oxygen.
  • 如果你继续向外拉,会牵出一条填充好的细小脐带,后面连着一块填充好的小胎盘。
    If you kept pulling, a little stuffed umbilical cord with a little stuffed placenta followed.
  • 举个例子,如果你要对一个幼童解释出生,你不必解释复杂的产道和脐带。
    For instance, if you're trying to explain birth to a toddler, you don't need to explain the intricacies of the birth canal and the umbilical cord.
  • 而且,经历过这一切后,宝宝出来是面向下和倒过来的,意味着你没办法协助,或者甚至不能帮忙解开脐带。
    And then, after all that, the baby comes out facing down and backwards, which means you’re helpless to assist it, or even to untangle it from the umbilical cord.
  • 婴儿可能已经发现了他的第一个玩具——脐带。
    Your baby may have discovered his first toy by now----the umbilical cord.
  • 有些里面有金条,古董;甚至有保存着婴儿脐带的精巧盒子,作为婴儿出生的纪念。
    Some included bars of gold, antiques, even crafted boxes containing a child's umbilical cord, a common memento of child birth.
  • 他们一无所有的来到世上,只有一小块脐带,并很快就切断了。
    They don't come into the world with anything but a little umbilical cord and that quickly gets cut.