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n. 产量;出席者;出动;清除;[公路] 岔道
turnout - 岔道,道岔,出车
simple turnout - 单开道岔,单道岔
equilateral turnout - 双开道岔,对称道岔,单式对称道岔
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到会人数 / 到场人数 / 参加人数 / 清理
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聚集的人群, 产量, 出席者
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  • 这次办公人员外出野餐的活动非常成功,今天几乎所有的人都来了。
    The turnout for the office picnic was great; almost everyone came today.
  • 其基本功能是转换道岔,锁闭道岔和反映道岔位置和状态。
    Its basic function is to convert turnout, turnout and reflect the turnout locked position and status.
  • 最后我们会获得非常多。
    We have a huge turnout for the finals.
  • 津巴布韦国家媒体报导说投票率很高。
    The state media reported a very high voter turnout.
  • 许多评论人士认为,虽然投票站的数量比估计的要多,但是投票的人数却不多。
    Many commentators believe that even though there were more polling stations than expected, voter turnout was low.
  • 来自投票站的消息称投票率很高。
    A high turnout was reported at the polling booths.
  • 我把车停在街角,等在那里。
    I parked in the turnout and waited.
  • 抱歉不能为你带来更多的参与者。
    I'm sorry we couldn't get a better turnout for you.
  • 我们预计地方选举的投票率很低。
    We're expecting quite a low turnout for the local elections.
  • 宣传广告的目的似乎是为了增加投票率。
    The advertising seems aimed at increasing voter turnout.
  • 如果2016年大选真的是一场克林顿对布什家族的竞争,可以料想投票率会很低。
    If 2016 is indeed to be a Clinton-Bush contest, we should expect a low turnout.
  • 投票率低意味着前往投票的民众太少。
    A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.
  • 道岔上的道碴分配应考虑到道岔需要的额外容量。
    At turnouts, ballast distribution shall take into consideration the additional volume needed for the turnout.
  • 对于巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)而言,黑人选民是他在2008年以绝对优势入主白宫的一个有力因素。
    Black turnout for Barack Obama was a strong factor in his 2008 landslide.
  • 在许多地区选民投票率很低。
    The turnout of voters was low in many localities.
  • 不过据报道,投票过程中发生了大量违规现象和技术问题。
    Turnout was massive, but numerous irregularities and technical problems were reported.
  • 这次选举的选民投票率很低。
    Voter turnout was low for the election.
  • 那是个美妙的下午,出席人数众多。
    It was a marvellous afternoon with a huge turnout of people.
  • 至少有62%的登记选民参加了投票。
    The turnout was at least 62 percent of registered voters
  • 参选率过低也可能损毁这次总统选举的可信性,这次选举在阿富汗是五年来的第一次。
    A low turnout could also damage the credibility of the presidential election-Afghanistan's first in five years.
  • 公路巡警指导他到了一个风景区。
    Highway Patrol directed him to a scenic turnout.
  • 投票率远远低比2004年首次总统选举。
    Voter turnout reportedly was much lower than the first presidential elections held in2004.
  • 他们不在,所以,我把车泊到岔道,等着。
    They weren't home* so I parked in the turnout* and waited.
  • 选举官员预测他们将在华盛顿州创下非大选年投票人数的新纪录。
    Election officials predict they'll set a new turnout record for an off-year election in Washington state.
  • 两党之间的争议明显激怒了威斯康辛州的民众:出席者比任何特别的选举都要多。
    The dispute has definitely riled many in Wisconsin: turnout was much higher than in most special elections.
  • 在这个重要的夜晚,有大批人出席。
    On the big night there was a massive turnout
  • 于是他便把车停在一个拐角处等他们。
    So he parked in the turnout and waited.
  • 在今年五月的立法会选举中,我们创下历年最高的投票率。
    In May this year, we saw the highest-ever turnout in our legislative council elections.
  • 道岔上安装道岔气缸,且通过道岔气缸受逻辑控制系统PLC控制;
    Turnout install cylinder turnout, and control through logic control system PLC;