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v. 尝试(try的ing形式);试验
adj. 难受的;难堪的;费劲的;令人厌烦的
Trying - 试穿与试用,正想,想方设法
Keep Trying - 不断尝试,继续努力,继续尝试
TRYING OUT - 尝试,脂肪熔炼,试行
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难受的, 令人厌烦的, 费劲的
试, 试验, 尝试; 尝试, 试图
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  • 这些事实证明他们是在打算鱼目混珠。
    These facts prove that they are trying to pass fish eyes for pearls.
  • 我知道你和姓朱的女工吊膀子, 你想哄骗她。
    I know you carry on with some girl named Zhu. You're just trying to get round her.
  • 旅游者在暴风雨中设法用木桩固定他们的帐篷。
    The travelers are trying to peg down their tents in the storm.
  • 那么,在尝试传输日期或时间表示形式时,您应该使用什么?
    Then what should you use when trying to transfer date or time representation?
  • 他们正在尽最大的努力使这台旧截煤机重新运转。
    They are trying their best to reactivate the old coal cutter.
  • 他们正在努力围捕那些强盗。
    They are trying to round up those robbers.
  • 无论什么时候,我都处在与人的关系之中,无论他的职位如何。 我试图牢记一点,那就是出自他们的即源自他们。
    Whenever I’m in a relationship with anyone, regardless of their position, I’m trying to remember that what comes out of them is from them.
  • 她到处奔忙,极力同时伺候两位顾客。
    She bustled about trying to wait on two customers at once.
  • 他们在逃避社会现实并试图找到新的生活方式。
    They are dropping out and trying to find new ways of living.
  • 我知道她在努力使我高兴。
    I know she's trying to jolly me along.
  • 在企图实现一个变革中我们徒劳无功。
    All our efforts availed us little in trying to effect a change.
  • 去尝试,然后经历一切所发生的事,包括不去尝试。
    To try and then just go through all that happens, including not trying.
  • 所以,在这里我的观点是:在不需要了解我们是谁和我们知道什么的状况下,我们所有的养育过程其实已经完成。
    So, here’s the point I’m trying to make: All our parenting is done out of the context of who we are and what we know.
  • 他冒着生命危险去营救那个快要淹死的男孩。
    He risked his life in trying to save the drowning boy.
  • 她企图逃避因她的行为所负的责任。
    She's trying to duck responsibility for her actions.
  • 为什么他总是想方设法毁坏我的名誉?
    Why is he always trying to vilify my reputation?
  • 但是如果你能和你的父母交流,努力做到相互理解,这个时期对于大家来说都会多一份快乐,少一点烦恼。
    But if you and your parents communicate and try to understand each other, this period will be less trying and more fun for everyone.
  • 但我真的很担心在试着保护我们的孩子的同时,我们正以某种方式为他们塑造更大的失落;
    But I do worry that in trying to protect our children, we are somehow setting them up for an even bigger fall.
  • 汤姆在海里乱扑腾,设法不被溺死。
    Tom beat about in the sea,trying not to drown.
  • 她已经白忙了一星期,试图想出一个解决办法。
    She's been thrashing for a week now, trying to think out a solution.
  • 我建议再试一次。
    I suggest trying once more.
  • 他有意识地在克服自己的缺点。
    He is consciously trying to overcome his weakness.
  • 但是如果你跳了,我们会为你的尝试而叫好。
    But if you dance, we will think well of you for trying.
  • 除了写一本书之外,他还编了一部词典。
    Beyond trying to write a book, he also compiled a dictionary.
  • 调查人员正力图准确地查出事故的原因。
    Investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the accident.
  • 这个会计因企图篡改公司账目而被捕。
    The treasurer was arrested for trying to manipulate the company's accounts.