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n. 信任,信赖;责任;托拉斯
vt. 信任,信赖;盼望;赊卖给
vi. 信任,信赖;依靠
n. (Trust)人名;(英)特拉斯特
trust - 托拉斯,信托,信任
Trust Company - 信托公司,信托公司,信任公司
Wellcome Trust - 惠康基金会,维康基金会,维康信托
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信任, 信赖; 管理, 照顾; 托管, 信托; 托拉斯, 企业联合
信任, 信赖; 赊售, 赊责; 确信; 依赖; 信任, 信赖; 想, 确信; 依靠, 依赖; 赊给
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  • 假如你对朋友不守信义,你就不要指望他们会信任你。
    You cannot expect your friends to trust you if you don't keep faith with them.
  • 他已设立了两个慈善信托机构。
    He had set up two charitable trusts
  • 我完全信任他。
    I trust him completely.
  • 她只点点头,没有说话。
    She nodded, not trusting her own voice
  • 他确实泛泛提过总统不可信赖。
    He did argue in a general way that the president can't be trusted.
  • 艺术品交由我们托管一生。
    Works of art are in trust to us during our lifetime.
  • 他毁了我,也摧毁了我对男人的信任。
    He destroyed me and my trust in men
  • 你也可以设立财产信托,这样孩子们只有达到一定年龄才能动用遗产。
    You could also set up a trust so the children can't spend any inheritance until they are a certain age
  • 作为一名牧师,他相信上帝是用一生去传教的。
    He was a pastor who trusted in the Lord who lived to preach.
  • 他坚持认为那些指控不属实,因此我也完全相信他。
    He was adamant that the allegations were untrue, so I took him on trust.
  • 这样会使上级不敢对你委以重任。
    This could make your superiors hesitate to trust you with major responsibilities
  • 我仍然不放心自己能否在他们面前保持镇静。
    I still can't trust myself to remain composed in their presence.
  • 如果你怀着一颗谦恭而信任的心向上帝求助,上帝会帮助你。
    God will help you if you turn to Him in humility and trust.
  • 那就是为什么我必须得相信你会保守这个秘密的原因。
    That's why I must trust you to keep this secret
  • 大不列颠图书馆为国家保存被托管藏书。
    The British Library holds its collection in trust for the nation
  • 病人需要对医生有绝对的信心和信任。
    A sick person needs absolute confidence and trust in a doctor.
  • 我相信埃莉诺在妇女中所做的工作会见成效的。
    Eleanor's work among the women will, I trust, bear fruit
  • “我完全信任你,”他说。
    'I trust you completely,' he said
  • 我们估计他和他的部门正在考虑我们的建议。
    We trust that he and his department are considering our suggestion.
  • 我自责,而且今后再也不能相信自己的直觉了。
    I blame myself and will never be able to trust my instinct again.
  • 你已经背叛了他们的信任。
    You've betrayed their trust
  • 首先,他不相信自己能站起来。
    For one thing, he didn't trust his legs to hold him up
  • 这里有一种温暖和信任的感觉。
    There's a feeling of warmth and trust here.
  • 我愿把终身托付给他。
    I'd trust him with my life.
  • 我想你会一抓住机会就诚恳道歉的。
    I trust you will take the earliest opportunity to make a full apology