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n. 树干;躯干;象鼻;汽车车尾的行李箱
adj. 干线的;躯干的;箱子的
vt. 把…放入旅行箱内
n. (Trunk)人名;(德、匈、西)特伦克
Trunk Amplifier - 干线放大器,中继线放大器,主干放大器
trunk piston - 筒形活塞,筒状活塞,筒式活塞
Trunk Group - 中继群,中继线群,中继线分群
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  • 那根最大的树枝开始向一边延伸,长得奇形怪状。
    The biggest branch has grown away from the trunk in a strange twisted shape.
  • 他在黑板上画了树干。
    He drew a trunk on the blackboard.
  • 一棵树的枝丫长自树干。
    Branches of a tree grow from the trunk.
  • 他独自哼着曲子打开了车子的后备箱。
    He hummed to himself as he opened the trunk.
  • 他把衬衣卷巴卷巴塞进箱子。
    He rolled up the shirt and stuffed it into the trunk.
  • 那棵倒下的枯树中长出一棵新树干。
    There is a new trunk growing out of the fallen dead tree.
  • 我的铁皮箱放在了卫兵的行李车厢中。
    In the guard's van lay my tin trunk.
  • 那辆小车的行李箱被撬开了,她所有的设备都没了。
    The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone.
  • 你站在我的鼻子上了。
    You're standing on my trunk.
  • 这只箱子很沉。
    This trunk is very heavy.
  • 我的提箱掉了。
    My trunk has been lost.
  • 你可以关上后背箱了。
    You can close the trunk.
  • 树干上有个大包。
    There is a big protuberance on the trunk.
  • 在我车的后备箱里。
    It's in the trunk of my car.
  • 箱子里有股霉味儿。
    There is smell of mildew inside the trunk.
  • 钱藏在箱子里。
    The money was hidden in a trunk.
  • 貘的口鼻部部分和上嘴唇构成一个像大象那样的象鼻。
    The tapir's snout and upper lip form a short trunk like that of the elephant ( 2).
  • 这箱子太榔槺,没法儿带。
    This trunk is too cumbersome to carry.
  • 他把剩余的家当儿装进箱子。
    He packed his remaining possessions into the trunk.
  • 攀缘植物盘绕着树干。
    The climbing plant curled round the trunk of the tree.
  • 我穿这条游泳裤因为它在水中有流线效果。
    I wear these trunks because they have a streamline effect in the water.
  • 这箱子能盛下你所有的衣服吗?
    Will this trunk hold all your clothes?
  • 杨干象是杨树重要的蛀干害虫,为全国性森林植物检疫对象。
    Cryptorrhynchus lapathi is an important trunk borer of poplar and nationwide object of forest plants quarantine.
  • 他轻轻地拍了拍树干。
    Pat he patted the tree trunk softly.
  • 箱子太沉,你别扛,看努着。
    Don't carry that heavy trunk, or you'll strain yourself.
  • 在倒下的树干上长出的伞菌
    toadstools growing on fallen tree trunks.