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  • 伊娃,现在能不能请你演奏,查拉图斯特拉的小号部分
    Now if you would, Eva, play just the beginning of the Zarathustra or the trumpet part.
  • 当把光传入油层后,就被约束在那里,光线在金属和空气的边界之间不断反弹,于是产生了喇叭状的辉光(见图片)。
    Light sent into the oil layer was confined there, bouncing between the metal and air boundaries. The beam spread out ever more quickly, generating a trumpet-shaped glow (see image).
  • 那些坐在长号或者小号前的音乐家会遭受到这些冲击机。
    Musicians sitting in front of the trombone or trumpet have suffered from these shock waves.
  • 托勒告诉他们,目前他想把重点放在施展才华上,比如弹吉他,练键盘,吹小号和画画。
    Towler told them that, for now, he plans to focus on his talents with the guitar, keyboard, trumpet and paintbrush.
  • 这个外表鲜艳的塑料喇叭吹出的声音就像一对双胞胎大象或者一群发怒的蜜蜂发出的一样,并成为球场上贯彻比赛始终的、不和谐的背景音乐。
    The blast of the brightly-coloured plastic trumpet has been likened to an elephant or a swarm of angry bees. It will provide a discordant and ever-present backdrop to events on the pitch.
  • 他正在组装一个复杂的钟,这个钟里面要安装一个镀金的小男孩,手里拿着一支小号,从钟面上的一扇门出来,通报主人家人的生日。
    He was assembling a complication that sent a little gilded boy with a trumpet through a door in the clock face to herald the birthdays of its owner's family.
  • 看那在苏格兰高地舞欢快的四肢,因为一些男巫,神往陶醉于这狂欢中,当我们的耳朵半听着,在黑暗音乐边的是小号的声音。
    See the merry limbs in hot Highland fling Because some wizard vermin Charmed from the quiet this revel When our ears were half lulled By the dark music Blown from Sleep's trumpet.
  • 它们被划分的剪影:A线,舞会礼服,小号/美人鱼,下降腰围,短薄/列或分离。
    They are categorized by Silhouette: A-Line, Ball Gown, Trumpet/Mermaid, Dropped Waist, Short Slim/Column or Separates.
  • 生活有点像一个喇叭。
    Life is something like a trumpet.
  • 我们会先听到碎弓,然后是小号
    We'll hear the tremolo and then the trumpet.
  • 在这个特殊的瞬间,小提琴用到了什么演奏技术,之后小号又用了什么节奏方法
    What string technique are the violins using at this particular moment and then what rhythmic device does the trumpet insert?
  • 然后下一个音高在小号那里,实际上是一个五度音程
    Then the next pitch on the trumpet is actually an interval of a fifth.
  • 汽笛声,像喇叭里吹出的音符,使他们激动;就像它使今晚回家的那个男人在童年时代常常激动地那样。
    It stirred them like the note of a trumpet; just as it had often stirred the man who was coming home tonight, in his boyhood.
  • 在 SW(牛排馆),你可以要一份瓜盅,豆腐沙拉和高档烤喇叭菇与玉米粥。
    At SW, you can order a melon duo, tofu salad and grilled royal trumpet mushrooms with polenta.
  • 当小号进入时,有趣的事情发生了
    Now when the trumpet enters something of interest happens.
  • 有一种或许是最古怪的想法,那就是认为宇宙是漏斗状的,有着狭窄的一头和向外开展的一头,像是一个喇叭口。
    Possibly the oddest suggestion is that the universe is funnel-shaped, with one narrow end and one flared end like the bell of a trumpet.