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n. [摄] 三脚架;三脚桌
tripod mast - 三脚桅,三脚桅杆,天线塔
tripod derrick - 三脚起重机,三角架起重机
tripod dolly - 三脚矮橡皮轮车,三脚矮橡皮车
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  • 如果是这种情况,您可能想投资于一个三脚架。
    If this is the case, you may want to invest in a tripod .
  • 你可以帮着拿那个蓝背包,我拿那个土黄色的和三脚架。
    You can carry that blue knapsack . I 'll take the tan one and the tripod .
  • 现在把照像机放在三脚架上并且头朝下带这件整个东西。
    Now put the camera on the tripod and carry the whole thing upside down.
  • 最后,他找到一个用来挂工作灯的三脚架,将它放在地上所标记的位置。
    Finally, he finds a tripod used to hold work lamps and places it above the mark on the floor.
  • 我放置好三脚架,尽可能好地完成了拍摄。 我试了不同的角度,直到发现了我喜欢的一种,然后等着太阳露面。
    I set my tripod up and composed the shot as best I could, trying different angles until I found one I liked, then waited for the sun to come up.
  • 你用这个技巧的时候同样会使用长时间曝光,所以你需要一个三脚架。
    You’ll use this technique in conjunction with using longer exposures in most situations, so you’ll need your tripod.
  • 他们的功用就像三脚架的三只脚,三个都必须全面加以开展,缺一不行。
    They function like three legs of a tripod ; it is essential to cultivate all three.
  • 在冻土和坚硬地面处使用三脚架。
    Use tripod in hard or frozen ground.
  • 可以,但是不能用三脚架和闪光灯。
    Yes, you can. But no tripod, no flash.
  • 一三脚架,一别针,一些胶带,气球,并且帮助你一点的某人或许。
    A tripod, a pin, some adhesive tape, balloons, and maybe someone to help you a little.
  • 一套优秀的三脚架是任何摄影师的基本装备,它的价值更体现在其黄金级重量——特别是随着三脚架的重量不断减轻。
    A 'good' tripod is a fundamental part of any photographer's kit, and is well worth its weight in gold - especially since tripods are getting lighter all the time.
  • 把望远镜安装在三脚架上。
    Seat the telescope on the tripod.
  • 如果你有一个三脚架,使用它!
    If you have a tripod , use it!
  • 如果相机可以,就延长快门时间,再用一个三脚架。
    If your shooter allows, reduce the shutter speed and use a tripod.
  • 也许你可以设立一个三脚架和使用计时器。
    Perhaps you can set up a tripod and use a timer.
  • 要成为一名优秀的照片三脚架是必须的。
    To make a good photo tripod is a must.
  • 三脚架也可以让你在晚上长时间曝光。 。
    A tripod also lets you shoot long exposures at night.