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n. 旅行;绊倒;差错
vt. 绊倒;使犯错
vi. 绊倒;远足;犯错误;轻快地走
n. (Trip)人名;(荷)特里普
trip - 旅行,成行,之行
Trip Point - 跳变点,启动点,跳脱点
field trip - 实地考察,野外旅游,实地考察旅行
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旅行 / 跑一趟 / 幻觉 / 令人兴奋的体验
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轻快地走, 失足, 绊倒; 使跌倒, 使失败, 使犯错
旅行, 差错, 摔倒
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  • 马克被派往远东出差。
    Mark was sent to the Far East on a business trip.
  • 如果你喜欢户外运动,这一旅行很适合你。
    If you enjoy outdoor activities, this is the trip for you
  • 总统的使节开始了又一次外交之旅。
    The President's envoy set off on another diplomatic trip
  • 他想要跟着杰克在雪中留下的脚印走,却让一块石头绊倒了。
    He tried to follow Jack's footsteps in the snow and tripped on a rock
  • 我们学校为那次旅行包了三辆公共汽车。
    Our school chartered three buses for the trip.
  • 最终,我回绝了拉乌尔提出的去棕榈海滩旅行的诱人邀请。
    In the end, I turned down Raoul's tempting offer of the Palm Beach trip
  • 乘坐远洋班轮进行商务旅行变得不合时宜了。
    It became impractical to make a business trip by ocean liner.
  • 迈克尔累了,他在长途旅行以后必须休息。
    Michael is tired and he has to rest after his long trip.
  • 这一行程你以前已经走过多次了,早就了如指掌了。
    You've made that same trip so many times before that you're on automatic pilot
  • 星期四我们出去玩了一天。
    On the Thursday we went out on a day trip
  • 这次是一个朋友打来电话,想组织一次到苏格兰的钓鱼旅行。
    This time it was a friend ringing to try to arrange a fishing trip in Scotland
  • 一个家伙把脚伸出来想要绊倒我。
    One guy stuck his foot out and tried to trip me.
  • 旅行结束时他和我们分手了。
    He parted with us at the end of the trip.
  • 一个身穿红色罩衫的女孩迈着轻快的步子下山。
    A girl in a red smock tripped down the hill
  • 她昨晚绊倒了,摔坏了髋骨。
    She tripped and fell last night and broke her hip
  • 他们轻快地走着,几乎没有世间的烦恼。
    They tripped along with scarcely a care in the world.
  • 就好像去夏威夷就一定要开心似的,如果你不开心,你会一个劲儿地感到愧疚。
    There's such pressure to be happy in Hawaii, if you're unhappy you're on a guilt trip
  • 我打算充分利用这次旅行来购买我们所需的物品。
    I intend to take full advantage of this trip to buy the things we need.
  • 为此我需要往返旅行400多英里。
    This involved me in a round trip of over 400 miles.
  • 你知道,刚开始我并不同意来参加这次旅行。
    You know, I wasn't sold on this trip in the beginning.
  • 我们帮他准备了去波罗的海的行装。
    We helped to fit him out for a trip to the Baltic
  • 电缆都是亮黄色,以防绊倒人。
    The cables are all bright yellow to prevent you tripping over them.