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n. 沟,沟渠;战壕;堑壕
vt. 掘沟
vi. 挖战壕;侵害
n. (Trench)人名;(英、西)特伦奇
trench - 壕沟,沟槽式,槽位
Ryukyu Trench - 琉球海沟,琉球海沟,琉球沟
Romanche Trench - 罗曼什海沟,罗曼什海沟
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  • 然后所有的人都走出了战壕。
    Then we all got out of the trench.
  • 这座桥就像是坐落在护城河中的一条沟渠,这种造型是为了使它与周围的风景融合在一起。
    The bridge lies like a trench in the fortress of the moat, which is shaped to blend in with the outlines of the landscape.
  • 如同在战壕的战友,这些作家处理我的那些成文和不成文的工作并不那么沮丧。
    Like fellow soldiers in the trench, these writers have made tackling both my written and unwritten work less discouraging.
  • 现在他将在战壕的保护下引导你们越过山头,用他的喊声告诉你们他认为你们该往哪冲。
    Now he will direct you over the top and shout which way he thinks you should run from the safty of the trench.
  • 战壕中的他将在夜暗前死去。
    In the trench he will die before nightfall.
  • 你至少需要在150毫米高的地基上挖一条地沟。
    You need a trench for the foundations at least 150mm high.
  • 拿着一面白旗,从战壕里爬了出来。
    White flag in hand, he crept out of the trench.
  • 接着灌入膨润土,将这种粘土和混凝土液态混合物灌入围堰中间的沟渠。
    Then pumps inject bentonite, a liquid clay and cement mixture into a trench in the middle of the cofferdam.
  • 农民们挖了一条穿过田野的沟。
    The farmers gouged out a trench across the field.
  • 他还补充道:“当你走近时,城堡就会通过一条窄窄的沟渠向你敞开。
    He added: "When you get closer, the fortress opens up to you through a narrow trench.
  • 当苗到达后,挖一条足够能把所以根系都能放进去的深沟。
    When it arrives dig a trench deep enough to cover all the roots.
  • 随同他的连队他冲出进攻敌人的战壕,而他们都死掉了。这是一场杀戮。
    With his company he went out to attack a trench, and they all died. It was a massacre.
  • 太平洋海沟的所有地方(太平洋火环带)应该立刻疏散,因为将有地震和火山爆发。
    All places at the pacific trench, (the pacific ring of fire) should be evacuated now, because there will be earthquakes and volcanic explosions.
  • 海沟,穿过去,不要越过去。
    Trench…through it, not over it.
  • 当你遇到这条海沟时,从下面游过去,别从上面过。
    Yes. When you come to this trench, swim through it, not over it.
  • 贫血症、支气管炎、痢疾,以及战壕足病似乎都是离开的借口。
    Anemia bronchitis dysentery and trench foot seemed to be an easy way out .
  • 他拇指向上给了我一个赞成的姿势,然后就消失在他的战壕中。
    He gave me the thumbs up sign and then disappeared into his trench.
  • 德军一侧,河岸地带,也就是从罗尔河到控制罗尔河的战壕系统之间,地雷密布。
    On the German side, the riverbanks were heavily mined from the river to the trench system that commanded the river.
  • 九点到十一点,他打算挖一个洞,或者一条小沟也行,没准儿还能从脏土里翻出什么好吃的呢。
    From nine to eleven he planned to dig a hole, or trench, and possibly find something good to eat buried in the dirt.