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trading card - 交换卡片,交易卡,收藏卡
forward trading - 远期交易,期货交易
brisk trading - 交投活跃,交投活泼
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  • 他喜欢股票,习惯于买进卖出它的股份。
    He likes the stocks and he is accustomed to trading in and out of its shares.
  • 如果这一轮谈判破裂了,世界贸易环境可能会变得越来越糟糕。
    If this round of talks fails, the world's trading environment is likely to become increasingly hostile.
  • 18艘船沿着贸易航线往返于1,000英里的河面上。
    Eighteen boats plied the 1,000 miles of river along a trading route
  • 比较擅长贸易的文明其财富也随之增长。
    Cultures that were better at trading saw a concomitant increase in their wealth
  • 迷你车车主们正变卖旧车换进“真正的”汽车。
    Mini-car owners are trading up to 'real' cars
  • 该委员会已经提起诉讼,禁止这家商店在周日营业。
    The Council had brought proceedings to stop the store from trading on Sundays.
  • 昨天拍卖之前的成交量很小。
    Trading was very light ahead of yesterday's auction.
  • 程式交易月度报告通常在每月结束3周后出来。
    Its monthly reports on program trading usually come out about three weeks after each month ends
  • 公平贸易署一直在对银行业务进行调查。
    The Office of Fair Trading has been probing banking practices
  • 儿童会通过在操场上对打或互骂的方式解决争端。
    Children would settle disputes by trading punches or insults in the schoolyard
  • 因庆祝劳工节,这个交易日交易时间缩短了。
    The trading day is shortened in observance of the Labor Day holiday
  • 任何能证明银行有串通行为的证据都可以送交公平贸易部。
    Any evidence of collusive behaviour by the banks could be sent to the Office of Fair Trading.
  • 他们有多年与西方贸易往来的经验。
    They had years of experience of trading with the West
  • 一小部分公司已经停止贸易。
    A small number of firms have ceased trading.
  • 无纸贸易能够省时省钱。
    Paperless trading can save time and money.
  • 将近有1.1万人因为违抗禁止在街上摆摊交易的禁令而被捕。
    Nearly eleven-thousand people have been arrested for defying the ban on street trading.
  • 萨瑟兰先生也许有能力促使两大贸易巨头达成协议。
    Mr Sutherland may have the clout needed to push the two trading giants into a deal
  • 这家依靠3,000种食品杂货盈利的公司为其星期天的营业状况烦恼。
    The company, which makes its money on 3,000 grocery lines has its knickers in a twist about Sunday trading.
  • 这则消息震惊了整个华尔街,股票在交易日结束时下跌了4.3%。
    Wall Street was rocked by the news and shares fell 4.3 per cent by the end of trading.