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adj. 发人深省的;引起思考的
Thought-provoking - 发人深思,启人深思的,振聋发聩的
thought-provoking insight - 富有创见
thought-provoking plot - 令人深思的情节
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  • 但该报告也包含一些发人深省的观察。
    But it also contains some thought-provoking observations.
  • 不管是经营企业或人际关系,本篇文章都能发人深省。
    Whether business or business relationships, this article can be thought-provoking.
  • 在看完您的文章之后,读者应该能去实施行动、思考理论、或是能够知道一个发人深省的问题的答案。
    A reader of your article must be able to walk away with a set of actions to perform, a new theory to think about, or a thought-provoking question to answer.
  • 这篇令人印象深刻的论文敏锐地反映了一种全球盛行的发人深省的社会现象:__(中心词)。
    The impressive dissertation has subtly revealed a thought-provoking social phenomenon which is prevalent all over the world, which is __.
  • 这本有趣(或具有挑战性)的书是我读过的最发人深省的书。
    This challenging book is one of the most thought-provoking that i've ever read.
  • 这一主观判断的正确性是有争议的,但是也提出了一个发人深省的问题。
    The correctness of this arbitrary conclusion is debatable, but it has raised a thought-provoking question.
  • 这是一幅发人深省的图画。
    This is a thought-provoking drawing.
  • 在他访问的商标和发人深省的风格,为我们提供了一个米奇芬利书,探讨什么信仰是没有,所以我们可以理解的信念是什么。
    In his trademark accessible and thought-provoking style, Mitch Finley offers us a book that explores what faith is not, so that we can understand what faith is.
  • 非常发人深省的体验!你可以得到很多以开展客户体验管理的工作。
    Great thought-provoking experience! You take away a lot to start working on CEM.
  • 通过问一些引发思考的问题,你不仅可以收集有价值的信息,还能让你脱颖而出。
    By asking thought-provoking questions, you can not only collect valuable information but also distinguish yourself from the pack.
  • 他有一个伟大的人格和发人深省的面部表情。
    He's got a great personality and a thought-provoking facial expression.
  • 因此,至关重要的是,我们能够从发人深省的客厅产生积极的影响。
    Hence, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from the thought-provoking drawing.
  • 这是一张非常发人深省的图片。
    This is a very thought-provoking picture.
  • 这本书虽然有点压抑,但作为一本发人深省的读物,它势必在相当长的一段时间里保持其地位。
    It is likely to retain its status as a thought-provoking, if somewhat depressing, read for quite some time.
  • 这篇短文发人深省的部分,就是他对于获取解决方案和如何证实获得了最佳解决方案的方法的思考。
    The thought-provoking part of this essay is his reflection upon his approach to getting to the solution and how to improve getting to the best solution.
  • 这幅画是发人深省的,它所说明的是我们今天社会普遍存在的一种现象。
    The picture is thought-provoking, and what it illustrates is a common phenomenon in our society today.
  • 这首诗看似简单,它所传达的信息却是极其深刻,发人深省的。
    Simple as the poem seems, the message it conveys is extremely profound and thought-provoking.
  • 乔舒亚·库珀·雷默在他那部发人深省的著作《不可思议的年代》中向各种传统思想发出了挑战:从风险资本到军事战略等一切事物。
    Joshua Cooper Ramo’s thought-provoking book The Age of the Unthinkable challenges all kinds of conventional thinking about everything from venture capital to military strategy.