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n. 热水瓶
Thermos - 膳魔师,热水瓶,水壶
thermos bottle - 热水瓶,保暖瓶,暖水瓶
thermos flask - 保温瓶,暖水瓶,热水瓶
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  • 这一群女生都继续往前走去, 从现代的保温瓶里倒了茶, 一起痛痛快快地喝了个够。
    The group of girls all moved on and had a good drink of tea together , from a modern thermos !
  • 准备早餐咖啡时使用热水瓶或汽车杯取代一次性杯子。
    Choose to take a thermos or travel mug with you when you get your morning coffee instead of using a disposable cup.
  • 她从热水瓶中往脸盆倒了些热水,又加了些凉水,然后洗了脸。
    She poured hot water from the thermos flask into her basin, added cold water, and washed her face.
  • 因此热水瓶不是个开系。
    So the thermos is not an open system.
  • 他把一个热水瓶,从他的袋子里,拿起。
    And he took a thermos out of his bag and held it up.
  • 你有一个热水瓶里面永远装著热水。
    You keep a Thermos of hot water available at all times.
  • 随身携带一个可重复使用热水瓶。
    Always carry a reusable thermos and bring your own drink as much as possible.
  • 从保温瓶里倒出来的茶总是很难喝。
    Tea always tastes horrid out of Thermos flasks.
  • 热水瓶怎么样?可以给茶保温。
    How about a thermos to keep the tea warm?
  • 她从热水瓶倒出热水。
    She poured hot water from the thermos .
  • 热水瓶是由玻璃和水银制成。
    The thermos is made of glass and mercury.
  • 你想让我把你的暖水瓶倒满水吗?
    Would you like me to fill your thermos for you?
  • 奶奶从热水瓶倒出热水。
    Grandma poured hot water from the thermos.
  • 没有热量能,穿过热水瓶的瓶壁。
    There's no heat that can go through the walls of the thermos.
  • 所有人都用又细又高的玻璃杯喝茶,添水用的热水瓶有蓝色、绿色还有其他别的颜色的。
    All drank tea out of narrow, tall glasses whose water was replenished out of thermos bottles in blue, turquoise, red and other colours.
  • 茶话会的茶具一般用陶瓷器皿而不是玻璃杯,也不能用热水瓶代替茶壶。
    Tea party tea service general use ceramic vessels instead of glass, also cannot use thermos bottle instead of teapot.
  • 我就是系统,我可以是个系统,它可以是热水瓶里的热咖啡。
    I am the system. I could be a system It could be a hot coffee in a thermos.
  • 乘坐飞机旅行的乘客面临新的安全警告。机场扫描仪现在更加注意热水瓶性的保温饮料罐。
    Passengers traveling by air face a new security alert. Airport screeners are extra-focused on thermos-type insulated beverage containers.
  • 热水瓶是大学生活不可或缺的物件之一,但大多数人都曾经历过水瓶被盗的尴尬时刻。
    The thermos bottle is one of university life indispensable things, but most people once had experienced the thermos the awkward time which robs.
  • 难道你没有看到热水瓶吗?
    Didn't you see the thermos?
  • 在野餐菜单上,鸡肉还以其他的一些菜式呈现。你可以享用鸡肉沙拉、奶油鸡、天冷时你甚至可以在野餐时用保温瓶带上一瓶鸡汤。
    Chicken also appears on picnic menus in other forms. You could enjoy a chicken salad, creamed chicken, or even chicken soup in a thermos for picnics on colder days.