there you go

—— 英文翻译成中文


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there you go - 这边请,你走了,就这样了
Now There You Go - 现在就对
There You Go Isabella - 有你去伊莎贝拉
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  • 大运村也在那儿,你可以坐公交车去。
    Universiade Village is also there. You can go there by bus.
  • 看下面,你现在得到了圆角。
    There you go. You now have rounded corners.
  • 你的围裙松了,我来帮你绑,好了。
    You're losing your apron here, let me get it. There you go.
  • 这种感觉就好像有人在罩着我一样,微笑地对我说,“今天一整天你都会过得很棒!
    This one makes me feel like someone is looking down on me, smiling and saying "There you go, now you have a GREat day! ""
  • “没有用,没有用,”他喊道,“你的适当位置是在院子里,到院子里赴,立刻就把你拴起来。”
    "In vain, in vain, " he cried; "the proper place for you is the yard, and there you go to be tied up this instant.
  • 真有你的,又把我的手机搞丢了。
    Okay, now, lift your right hand. There you go!
  • 好了,灯亮了,信号来了,他们摘了耳机,一切物体都会失重。
    There you go-- light goes on, they get a warning, they take their headphones off and everything becomes weightless.
  • 两个脚尖都打开一点。膝盖之间再宽一些,这样你能够站得更稳。对,就这样。
    And both of them. And push your knees a little wider, so you can get some stability. There you go.
  • 这些就是——我的2003温布尔登经历。
    So there you go - my Wimbledon 2003 experience.
  • 门在书架的旁边,你出去吧。
    The door is beside of the bookshelf, there you go.
  • 但你可以开始想办法为100美元,和你去。
    But you can start out with something for $100, and there you go.
  • 那边,小宝贝,往那边去;
    There, little baby, there you go;
  • 对拉。我们就此打住。这是一本令人着迷的书。感谢您抽出时间与我们在一起。
    FLATOW: There you go. And that's where we'll leave it. It's a fascinating book, Len. Thanks for taking time to be with us today.
  • 在结束了奥林匹克生涯史中最为惊人的一场比赛后,博尔特说:“比赛结束了,我是最棒的!”
    "There you go. I'm the greatest, " said Bolt, after bringing an end to one of the most astonishing Olympic careers of all time.
  • 得了吧,根本没什么严重的事情。
    There you go. It's nothing serious at all.
  • 你又失恋了?别难过,总有一天你会找到真爱的。
    You are dumped again? There you go, you will find your true love one day.
  • 来了,玉米饼,沙拉,还有披萨。和经理激昂争辩换来的,照烧培根芝士汉堡,烧烤酱,熏肉,芝士,放边上了。
    There you go:quesadilla. Salad. There's your pizza. And thanks to Sheldon's heated discussion with my manager one barbecue bacon cheeseburger, Sheldon barbecue sauce, bacon and cheese on the side.
  • “请进吧,”她边说边打开门。“你可以把食物放在厨房的餐桌上。我待会儿用微波炉加热。”
    "There you go, " she said and opened the door. "You may put the food on the kitchen table. I'll warm it up in the microwave shortly. "
  • 我来看看。喏,行了,只是被线卡住了。
    Let me see. There you go. It was just caught on a string.
  • 给你,这是你的面包。
    There you go, that is your bread.
  • 一旦你曾飞翔,走路时你将眼望天空,因为你曾到过那里,也将再度前往。
    Once you fly, you will walk with your eyes skyward. For there you have been and there you will go again.
  • 好的,是这样! -…但没有提到我! - 是的。
    Well, there you go. -…and it didn't mention me! -Yeah.
  • 就是这样。 - 啊! - 我们现在会尝试转动你。 - 脊椎…脊髓!
    There you go. -Ahh! -We're just gonna try and turn you now. -Spine…spinal cord!