the loop

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The Loop - 主循环,圆环人生,循环
The design loop - 路设计程序
The Cygnus Loop - 天鹅座圈
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  • 循环是否设计得很好?它是否只干一件事情?
    Is the loop well-defined - does it perform only one function ?
  • 由于提示位于循环体之前,因此这段代码将使提示对于循环的每次迭代都保持活动状态,不过它只使用了一个周期。
    Because the hint is before the loop body, this code leaves your hint active for every iteration of the loop, but it only has to use one cycle.
  • 并且我认为,就人们怎样才能找到那些潜在的技术具有做这些的能力而言,它又重新回到指挥与控制链中的人上来。
    And I think it goes back to the man in the loop, in terms of how people can then deal with what the technology potentially has the capability of doing.
  • 从底部让针穿过食指和拇指围出的线圈。
    Thread needle under and back through the loop.
  • 程序按这种方式执行并打印具有非零值循环计数。
    It does so and prints out the loop count with nonzero value.
  • 当还存在需要访问的链接时,循环继续。
    The loop then continues while there are links remaining to visit.
  • 如果是的话则跳过到循环的下个迭代。
    If so, skip to the next iteration of the loop.
  • 循环索引是否具有有含义的命名?
    Does the loop index have a meaningful name ?
  • 这两个条件中任一个改变都可以停止循环。
    If either of those conditions changes, the loop stops.
  • 如果程序能为这两个循环都工作的话,你能假设它能为所有的循环工作。
    If the program works for both instances of the loop, you can assume it will work for all of them.
  • 透过环(回路)这个大拇指, 捆(包)丝绸从环(回路)的另一个末端悬挂。
    The thumb through the loop, the bundled silk hanging from the other end of the loop.
  • “食尾者”的循环回路是一个如此显而易见的反馈象征,使我难以确定到底是谁先在控制论的语境中使用它。
    The loop of Uroborus is so obviously an emblem for feedback that I have trouble ascertaining who first used it in a cybernetic context.
  • 如何在循环完成后发送一个函数的结果吗?
    How to send result of a function after the loop is finished?
  • 所有这四个变量都是在循环外声明的,尽管它们仅在循环内部使用,但作用域不止于此。
    All four variables are declared outside the loop and therefore have excessive scope even though they're only used inside the loop.
  • 为了简明易懂,每次分析都计算并输出平均值,但是可以很容易地将这些功能移出到循环以外。
    The average is calculated and printed each time for simplicity, but it's really not hard to move that out of the loop.
  • 此循环迭代这个数组并打印每一行,与它在命令行上所做的无异,只不过在每次打印后均强制使用一个 XHTML 断行元素。
    The loop simply iterates through the array and prints each line as it would do on the command line, but enforcing an XHTML break-line element after each print.
  • 对于每个迭代,将运行循环中的所有步骤。
    For each iteration, all of the steps in the loop are run.
  • 向下拉这个环,拉紧。
    Pull the loop down and tighten.