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n. 小报,通俗小报,八卦小报
adj. 通俗小报的;耸人听闻的,引起轰动的
tabloid - 小报,小型报,图片版新闻
tabloid newspaper - 小报型报纸,通俗小报,小报
tabloid television - 小报电视
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  • 关于那个著名歌手的谣言源自小报上的花边新闻。
    The rumor about the famous singer sourced from an article in a tabloid.
  • 如果确有此事,人们就应该对把这些信息当做小报新闻发布的行为加以谴责,并对其追求市场和金钱的拍摄成果嗤之以鼻。
    And if this is true, it is criminal to treat this information like a tabloid news story, and tease the final product while trying to build a market and make money.
  • 某些事告诉我这种趋势不会持续,这些声音将在小报潮中被扫除。
    Something tells me this trend won’t last and these voices will be swept away in the tabloid tide.
  • 早前他们并不乐意继续调查、通知潜在的目标,这使得人们怀疑某些警方人员与小报记者联系过于紧密。
    Their reluctance early on to pursue leads and notify potential targets aroused suspicions that some at the Met were too close to tabloid journalists.
  • 这样一来,当地将仅存一家精力旺盛但财力不足,而且往往不太严肃的小报——波士顿先驱报。
    That would leave the Boston Herald, a scrappy but underresourced -- and all too often unserious -- tabloid as Boston's only local newspaper.
  • 以后的故事按照最好的小报传统延续下去。
    The rest of the story follows in the finest tabloid tradition.
  • 她的读物是一份叫《每日新闻》的小报。 装点我们起居室的是一架小型平式钢琴,而非书架。
    Her reading consisted of the Daily News, a tabloid; instead of bookshelves, our living room featured a piano, a baby grand.
  • 你给我的那份耸人听闻的小报是关于什么的?
    What was the piece of tabloid sensationalism you sent me?
  • 这件事激怒了小报记者。
    The story enraged the tabloid press.
  • 主要是由于一些由《卫报》的成功揭丑,现在已很清楚一个小报是怎样获取它的头条新闻的。
    Thanks largely to some splendid muckraking by the Guardian, it is now clear how one tabloid obtained some of its headlines.
  • 一些小报记者出钱购买他的故事。
    Tabloid journalists have offered money for his story.
  • 面向识字者的通俗小报的面貌,我和基斯•伯茨福德曾经期望的就是这样。
    This is what Keith Botsford and I had hoped that our “tabloid for literates” would be.