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n. 汗;水珠;焦急;苦差使
vt. 使出汗;流出;使干苦活;剥削;藉出汗减轻;焦急地期待
vi. 出汗;辛苦工作;懊恼;结水珠
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  • 同时,我们的身体通过排尿、出汗,甚至是呼吸将水排出体外。
    It goes out of us through urine, through sweat, and even through exhaling.
  • 几滴汗水在闪耀的阳光下闪烁。
    Beads of sweat glistened in the bright sun.
  • 成功来自于坚持,决心,鲜血,汗水和眼泪。
    Success comes from persistence, determination, blood, sweat and tears.
  • 继续走直到你开始出汗。
    Continue walking until you start to sweat.
  • 我们的身体通过排尿、出汗,甚至是呼吸将水排出体外。
    It goes out of us through urine, through sweat, and even through exhaling.
  • 我做了一系列衣服,能在水中或者在有汗的身体上分解。
    I made a series of garments that disintegrate in water – or on the body, with sweat.
  • 他的脸是白的——跟这个国家里的人比,他永远是苍白的——汗水在他脸上闪着亮光。
    His face is light—he’s always been too pale for this country—and shiny with sweat.
  • 在空间站工作是否会出汗? 如果有,如何处理?
    Do you sweat in the space and how do you handle it?
  • 他的衬衫浸透了汗水。
    His shirt was steeped with sweat.
  • 没有人曾经被汗淹死。
    No one ever drowned in sweat.
  • 出汗将被看作是一个表示柔弱和紧张的迹象。
    Sweat will be seen as a sign of weakness and nervousness.
  • 带着眉头上的汗水,我吃我的面包,在所有这些修行中只见我的忠诚,而无享受。
    With sweat on my brow I ate my bread, yet in all these practices there is evidence only of my fidelity, nothing of enjoyment.
  • 汗水湿透了他的全身。
    Sweat soused him all over.
  • 汗水透过他的衬衣渗了出来。
    The sweat has soaked out of his shirt.
  • 汗是一种排泄物。
    Sweat is an excretion.
  • 汗水从他脸上滴下来。
    Sweat was dripping from his face.
  • 皮肤出汗。
    The skin excretes sweat.
  • 没有设备,只是忙碌和流汗。
    No equipment, just hustle and sweat.
  • 试验过程中,利用电极测量了参加者的心脏收缩、心脏和呼吸频率、手心出的汗,在强烈的情绪下所有这些都会增加。
    During the trial, electrodes measured the strength of participants’ heart contractions, their heart and breathing rates, and the sweat in their palms—all of which increase with heightened emotion.
  • 然而,一旦你的汗水开始变干,你会感觉到冷,如何解决呢?
    Yet, once your sweat starts to dry, you can get chilled. The solution?