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sway - 摇摆,挥洒,摇动
sway bar - 防倾杆,平衡杆,活动连结杆
Tan sway - 坦坦荡荡
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  • 威纳德相信当审判来临时他能利用自己的媒体帝国动摇公众的看法,但是他发现主宰他人的力量转瞬即逝。
    Wynand believes he can use hismedia empire to sway public opinion in Roark's favor as the trial approaches, but he discovers that power over others is ephemeral.
  • 如果你拥有自己的创业型公司,影响你的是什么呢?
    If you’ve got your own startup, what would sway you?
  • 你可能认为你是客观的,但是你可能无意中用你所选择的言辞影响了读者。
    You might think you are being objective but you could unwittingly sway the reader with your choice of words.
  • 但是,尽管进行了全面升级,”在70迈的大风中,树木可不会光摇摆,而是直接砸到电杆和线路上。 “他补充到。
    But despite all the reliability upgrades, “with 70-mile winds, the trees will not just sway but come down on poles and wires, ” he adds.
  • 对于赚到这个数目或更多的人来说,个性气质和生活情况对心情畅快的影响比金钱的影响要大得多。
    For people who earn that much or more, individual temperament and life circumstances have much more sway over their lightness of heart than money.
  • 她说,高科技产业逐渐受到一个占优势的庞然大物,一头有可能窒息创新并压扁竞争对手的巨兽的支配。
    The technology industry, she said, was coming under the sway of a dominant behemoth, one that had the potential to stifle innovation and squash its competitors.
  • 再者,虽然他有情感,他们从来没有动摇他自己的财务自我利益他。
    And, while he has emotions, they never sway him from his own financial self-interest.
  • 再者,虽然他有情感,但它们从未动摇过他自身的财务利益。
    And, while he has emotions, they never sway him from his own financial self-interest.
  • 他们的影响无处不在,从人们的衣食住行到言谈举止,甚至影响了历史进程,但他们在现实生活中并不存在。
    They influence everything from how we look and act to eat and speak and have even helped sway the course of history - but they are not real.
  • 通过对大脑特殊区域活动的干扰,神经学家能够支配人们对于道德状况的观点。
    By disrupting brain activity in a particular region, neuroscientists can sway people’s views of moral situations.
  • 一个衣着不整的,行为怪异的活动家会被那些他们希望影响的听众所放弃。
    Activists who look sloppy or freaky will be dismissed by the audiences they want to sway.
  • 误解:为某一候选人辅选能动摇评选委员会的决定。
    Myth: A campaign for a particular candidate can sway the awards committee.
  • 老师们同样拥有微妙的、有力的影响,虽然许多人看不到他们所作贡献的全部结果。
    Teachers, too, hold that subtle, powerful sway, though many don't get to see the full result of their contributions.
  • 这使雕像具有能够在港湾中随风摇摆的灵活性。
    This flexibility allows the statue to sway in the harbor winds.