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vt. 维持;支撑,承担;忍受;供养;证实
sustain - 维持,支撑,保持
sustain losses - 蒙受损失,遭受损失
Sustain Button - 持续按钮
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支撑; 维持, 供养; 承受, 承担; 支援
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  • 为了制造和维持这种增长,人们必须要消耗巨大的能量。
    To produce and sustain this growth, they must expend vast amounts of energy.
  • 最佳政体的公民,据他所说,如果有义务上的需要,必需要能承担战争,但目的必需仅限于为了和平与安逸。
    The citizen of the best regime he says must be able to sustain war if duty requires but only for the sake of peace and leisure.
  • 没有水,我们就不能种植我们所吃的食物,不能维持我们的生命或生态系统。
    Without water, we would not be able to grow the food we eat, to sustain ourselves or the ecosystem.
  • 我们使用的能源可以维持这个星球,也可以毁坏它。
    The energy we use can sustain our planet, or destroy it.
  • 他们有足够维持生命的食物。
    They had sufficient food to sustain life.
  • 坑道顶用柱子支撑着。
    The pillars sustain the roof of the pit.
  • 而且,为了增长甚至仅仅是维持业务,他们必须在数据方面比以前下更多的功夫。
    But to grow, or even sustain, that business, companies must do more with that data than ever before.
  • 然而在接下去的几个月这个策略将很难维持下去。
    Over the next few months, however, that tactic will be difficult to sustain.
  • 最重要的是我们积攒了可供8个月开销的费用,这为我们提供了保障,将支撑我们直到我找到一份适合自己的工作。
    Most importantly we have the security of 8 months worth of expenses saved up that will sustain us until I find the job that feels right to me.
  • 我们相信,此时正是我们分享发展战略来维持经济复苏,为我们未来的经济繁荣奠定基础的最佳时机。
    We believe it is time for us to share a growth strategy to sustain recovery and to lay the foundation for our future prosperity.
  • 对你上司的粗暴无礼你还能忍受多久?
    How long will you sustain the rudeness of your boss?
  • 通过持续供资和加强国家所有权及承诺,我们可以维持成绩并于2010年实现我们的目标。
    With continued funding and increasing ownership and commitment of countries, we can sustain our progress and achieve our goal by 2010.
  • 这是一个人能忍受的最痛苦的情感伤害之一。
    This is one of the most painful emotional wounds one can sustain.
  • 她的伊丽莎白用一颗温暖的心和四射的活力在她丈夫最黑暗的日子里默默支撑他,在光明的日子里带给他欢乐。
    She gives Elizabeth the warmth of heart and liveliness of spirit to sustain her husband in his darkest days, and to delight him in his bright ones.
  • 所以,如果你有幸可以在一到两个市场上写你所喜欢的题材并内能够维持定期写作的话,你要一直记得,多样性是生活的调味品。
    So if you are lucky enough to have one or two markets in which you can write and sustain regular work from, always remember that variety is the spice of life.
  • 想法或愿望,是我们想要拥有的东西但是他们不能维持我们的生活。
    Wants, or desires, are things we would like to have but they do not sustain us.
  • 如果亲密关系足够坚固,如爱人所希望的那样,它就应该承受住这个方法。
    If the relationship is strong enough, as the lover wishes it to be, it should sustain this measure.
  • 他们用村民给的食物加上每年大米丰收时候的一份粮食来维持生活。
    They sustain themselves on food given by the villagers, plus a share of the annual rice harvest.