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adj. 悬浮的;暂停的,缓期的(宣判)
Suspended - 禁赛,停赛,废除
suspended particles - 悬浮颗粒物,悬浮颗粒,悬浮粒子
suspended truss - 悬挂式桁架,悬式构架,悬桁架
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  • 暂停的线程和状态机都可以捕获执行状态。
    Suspended threads and state machines can both capture execution state nicely.
  • 这些流程不能包含任何能使他们暂停的活动。
    These processes cannot contain any activity that causes them to be suspended.
  • 第一次,​​我是粉丝页的唯一管理员,我的账户被暂停了(因为什么,我还不知道)。
    The first time, I was the only admin of the fan page and my account got suspended (for what reason, I still do not know).
  • 在这种情况之下,可以暂停一个任务。
    In this situation, a task can be suspended.
  • 在暂停一项任务之后,开发员就可以处理另一项任务了。
    After a task is suspended, the developer can then work on another task.
  • 那所学校因经费不足而暂时停办。
    The school suspended for lack of finances.
  • 使一个应用软件保持在空闲,或长期处于暂停的状态来仿效客户去吃午饭或使应用软件在周末暂停,并经常暴露一些问题。
    Leaving an application dormant, idle, or in suspend mode for a long period emulates customers going to lunch or leaving the application suspended over the weekend, and often uncovers some issues.
  • 这道墙的构造是从悬浮着的小管子里喷溅出一片片的水。
    The walls of the structure are sheets of water sprayed from suspended pipes.
  • 他所有的感官警觉起来了,他屏住呼吸,血液也暂停了涌动好像是要帮忙保持沉寂---是谁?
    His senses were all alert, his breath was suspended, his blood had stilled its tides as if to assist the silence.
  • 这些巨藻会被收割并被放置到悬浮在海水里的塑料“胃”中——实质是巨大的塑料袋。
    These would be harvested and placed into plastic "stomachs" – essentially large plastic bags – suspended in the sea.
  • 他们还发现新的气溶胶颗粒——悬浮在大气中的超细颗粒——可以在这个高度形成。
    They also found that new aerosol particles — ultrafine particles suspended in the atmosphere — can form at these heights.
  • 目前,我们已经暂停了一位职员的相关工作。
    At present we have suspended one member of staff.
  • 另一幅图显示了起了涟漪的橡胶皮好像正依附于悬浮于空中的满球的水一样-在重力作用毁了这个瞬间之前。
    Another shows the rippled skin of rubber seemingly clinging to a ball of water suspended in the air - before gravity brings the moment to an end.
  • 大气棕色云主要是由人们燃烧生物质和化石燃料产生的炭黑(悬浮的碳颗粒)组成的。
    Atmospheric brown clouds are made up mostly of soot — suspended carbon particles — produced by people burning biomass and fossil fuels.
  • 他们在一块沼泽地前暂停了行军。
    They suspended their march in front of a swamp.
  • 那看起来就像一个卫星,远远地悬浮着,迷失在无尽的宇宙中。
    It looked like a satellite, lost and far away, suspended in the void.