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vi. 作冲浪运动
vt. 在…冲浪
n. 海浪,拍岸浪
n. (Surf)人名;(英)瑟夫
surf - 冲浪,加速稳健特征,克里斯巴克
5181 SURF - 小行星5181
Surf Rock - 冲浪摇滚,摇滚冲浪,海浪摇滚
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海浪, 拍岸浪
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  • 那么,我们怎样隐藏IP,安全、匿名地在网上冲浪呢?
    So how do we hide IP and securely surf the web anonymously?
  • 我朝山间张望,白色的海浪和金色的沙滩呈现在眼前,秃鹫和苍鹰在空中翱翔。
    I glimpsed, between the hills, sea and white surf curling on golden sand; vultures and buzzards floated overhead.
  • 您是否想像过某天可以这样,无论您在何处使用 3G 手持设备,都能够在网上冲浪、玩网络游戏或参加视频会议?
    Do you ever imagine that you can surf the Web, play an online game or join a videoconference no matter where you are using your 3G handheld device?
  • 游泳者在悉尼的淡水海滩清澈的海浪里划水。
    Swimmers paddle in the clear surf of Sydney’s Freshwater Beach.
  • 在每一次飞行期间,飞行员记录了海浪的的高度。
    On each trip, the pilots had recorded the height of the surf.
  • 热带鸟类的声音、花香和海浪冲刷的声音充满在空气中,而如此的美丽也在这个房间的装饰上反映出来。
    Tropical birds sounds, flower scents, and the crashing surf fill the atmosphere that is so beautifully reflected in the decor of this room.
  • 拍岸浪的高度取决于近岸的高度和陡度,另外,在某种程度上还取决于近岸的洋底地形特征。
    Surf height depends on the height and steepness of the waves offshore, and to a certain extent on the offshore bottom topography.
  • 那物体如拍岸浪花样雪白,仿佛颠簸在风口浪尖上的一朵花儿。
    White as the surf it was, and like a flower it tossed on the waves.
  • 当然,早餐里也有百吉饼,但是我确定之后他们在冲浪板上运动的分分钟就可以把从中摄取的能量燃烧掉。
    Of course, there’s the bagel but I’m sure they’d burn the energy from that off in a few minutes on their surf board anyway.
  • 这只海狮很少出现在 阿得莱德外的 公共海滩,显然它一露面就将小狗吸引到海浪里,人们给这只海狮热情地命名为亨利。
    The sea lion, which was affectionately named "Henry", apparently lured the dog into the surf after a rare appearance on a public beach just outside of Adelaide.
  • 要是我们可以使用其他的波段上网冲浪又会如何呢?
    What if we could use other waves to surf the internet?
  • 图为一只在特立尼达拉岛的马图拉海岸为寻找筑巢地点而从海浪中现身的革龟。
    A leatherback turtle emerges from the surf in search of a nesting site on Trinidad’s Matura Beach.
  • 巨大的一圈圈的带刺铁丝网在海浪中生锈。
    Giant loops of barbed wire lie rusting in the surf.
  • 他解释说自动驾驶的车辆使人们能有更多的时间来上网冲浪,而这正是谷歌想要的。
    He said cars that can drive themselves would allow commuters more time to surf the web, something Google would encourage.
  • 请做填字游戏,阅读,打牌,写详细又而有趣的电子邮件给你所有的朋友,上网冲浪,及仅彻底地保持忙碌。
    Do crossword puzzles, read, play cards, write detailed and interesting e-mails to all your friends, surf the web, and just plain stay busy.
  • 我们上网冲浪。
    We surf the Web.
  • 我与游泳者们一样受到了这波海浪的冲击,因而,直到我把图片冲洗出来时,我才确切地知道我拍摄到的是什么 。
    I get pounded in the same surf as the swimmers, so I never know exactly what my shots will show until I develop them.
  • 他们用简单的快乐充实着自己:园艺、在海浪中游泳、和朋友聊天、与后代们联系。
    They occupied themselves with simple pleasures: gardening, swimming in the surf, talking with their friends, catching up with their descendants.