supply chain

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Supply Chain - 供应链,供应链,供给链
supply chain - 供应链
Supply-Chain Council - 供应链协会
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  • 如果大批发商接收贿赂,那么伪造药品就进入了供应链。
    If the wholesaler buys, those counterfeit products are now in the supply chain.
  • 再次指出,这一约定并不表示业务效率只是从供应链中被开发出来的。
    Again, this arrangement does not imply that business efficiency is only developed from within the supply chain.
  • 供应链管理样本应用程序中的第三个(也是最后一个)系统是演示系统,它被描绘在 图 6中。
    The third and final system in the Supply Chain Management sample application is the Demo System, which is depicted in Figure 6.
  • 这可能只包括一个像运输或仓储或单一服务可以包括一个完整的供应链整合。
    This may include only a single service like transportation or warehousing or could include a complete integration of the supply chain.
  • 例如,包括零售工作、提供链式管理以及返回办公过程,但不仅限于此。
    Examples include, but are not limited to, retail operations, supply chain management, and back office processes.
  • 贯穿您的供应链的被管理的信息可以用于决定支持,作为 IT 控制和价值流要求的价值链组成部分。
    The information managed throughout your supply chain is made available for decision support as the IT governance and value chain components of the value stream require.
  • 海盗会中断全球的供应链,这是我们的问题。
    This is the interruption of the global supply chain. This is our problem.
  • 我们一直都在供应链管理中平衡这两者。
    We always balance the two in supply chain management.
  • 并非所有产品都沿着相同的路径通过供应链。
    Not all products might have the same route through the supply chain.
  • 这样就使应用程序得到一个端对端的业务解决方案,如供应链管理、销售自动化或客户关系管理。
    This results in an end-to-end business solution for applications, such as supply chain management, sales force automation, or customer relationship management.
  • 该小组开始为整个供应链管理样本应用程序建立一个单一的全局对象模型。
    The team started to produce a single, global object model for the entire Supply Chain Management sample application.
  • 数据共享:当药品在供应链中转移时,为了让药品的保管者能够证明药品的来源,需要收集信息并与其他参与方交换信息。
    Data sharing: To certify with the drug pedigree the chain of custody of the drug while it moves through the supply chain, information needs to be collected and exchanged with other participants.
  • 供应链管理样本应用程序中的第一个系统是零售商系统,如 图 2所示。
    The first system in the Supply Chain Management sample application is the Retailer System, illustrated in Figure 2.
  • 从表面上看,药品供应链与其他供应链相似,都具有制造商、批发商和零售商。
    On the surface, the pharmaceutical supply chain is similar to other supply chains with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.
  • 本小节中的其余部分将介绍这些业务能力是如何协同工作的,并且着重强调这些能力在您的供应链上的影响力。
    The remainder of this section outlines how these business capabilities work together and emphasizes the impact of these capabilities on your supply chain.