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  • 我们以优势兵力打垮了敌军。
    We overwhelmed the enemy by superior forces.
  • 依凡猜想他的上级一定会拒绝他。
    Ivan supposed that his superior must refuse him.
  • 有可能他们会认为你的竞争者优于你。
    Chances are, they’ll consider your competitors to be superior.
  • 结果都是一样:他的智力测试处于优异范围,没有任何证据表明他有学习障碍或精神疾病。
    The results were always the same: he tested in the intellectually superior range, with no evidence of any learning disability or mental illness.
  • 在使用这些阶段的以前作业将继续运行时,您应该使用新的功能,因为其具有优越的生产率和性能。
    While previous jobs that use these stages will continue to run, you should use the new functionality because it has superior productivity and performance.
  • 你完全可以而且应该学会接受教训并学习他人的经验,但是只是单纯的把它看作为一个机会并感到优越那只是会增加关于钱的知识的焦虑感觉。
    You absolutely can and should learn from the mistakes and experiences of others but using it as an opportunity to feel superior is only going to increase your anxious feelings about money.
  • 婆罗门认为自己比其他大多数人都要优越,尽管他们并不明说。
    Brahmins consider themselves superior to most other people, although they may not say so.
  • 在这段严肃时间内,上级问了下级一连串有关超级市场的问题。
    During this serious period, the superior asked subordinates a series of questions about the supermarket.
  • “我总想和具有不同基因库的人生育。 因为我认为这样会得到一个更美而且基因更优良的婴儿,”她说。
    "I always wanted to procreate with someone outside my gene pool because I think you get a more beautiful and genetically superior baby, " she said.
  • 为什么 :你的上级要求你做什么,什么就是你的工作。
    Why : If your superior asks you to do something, it is your job.
  • 在您做好准备去责怪您卓越的思维活动后任何多余的重量时,请记住这个基本方程,过多热量加上不足够的活动仍然等于体重增加。
    Before you gear up to blame any excess weight on your superior intellectual activity, remember that the basic equation of too many calories plus not enough movement still equals weight gain.
  • 讽刺的是这个国家拥有如此悠久的文化传统和优良的文化品味,现在却将自身降低到如此程度。
    It’s ironic that this country which has such a traditional culture and superior qualities in culture now has reduced itself to this.
  • 他们宣称,这种方法比专家评审优越,原因是它为医疗保健打开了“消费者选择”的奇迹。
    This, they claim, would be superior to expert review because it would open health care to the wonders of “consumer choice.
  • 当且仅当这些行为发生时,在上级和下级之间才存在一种权威关系。
    When, and only when, these behaviors occur does an authority relationship exist between the superior and subordinate.
  • 第二,私募股权是一个优质的商业模式这个论点如何?
    Second, what about the argument that private equity is a superior business model?