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adj. 足够的;充分的
sufficient - 足够的,充足的,充分的
sufficient condition - 充分条件,充足条件,充要条件
not sufficient - 基金不足,存款不足,不充分
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充足的 / 足够的
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充份的, 足够的
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  • 这个项目配备的技术力量不足。
    The project does not have sufficient technical personnel.
  • 他收集了足够多的资料。
    He collected sufficient data.
  • 一米布足以包裹住直径为18英寸的帽盒。
    One metre of fabric is sufficient to cover the exterior of an 18-in-diameter hatbox
  • 只有农业发展了,工业才有足够的原料和市场。
    Only when agriculture is fully developed can industry have sufficient materials and markets.
  • 该校生源充足。
    There are sufficient applicants for the school.
  • 这家银行有充足的流动资产来维持经营。
    The bank had sufficient liquid assets to continue operations.
  • 只要容器里还留有足够的空气,它就会漂浮着。
    While there is still sufficient trapped air within the container to keep it buoyant, it will float.
  • 要使木材堆放处或石油储存库燃起,一根火柴就够了。
    A match is sufficient to set ablaze the lumber yard or the oil depot.
  • 为这一阶段计划充足的时间和资源。
    Plan this phase with sufficient time and resources.
  • 没有足够的证据来定罪。
    There was not sufficient evidence to secure a conviction.
  • 没有充分的理由,我就从澳大利亚被硬叫了回来。
    I've been dragged back from Australia for no sufficient reason.
  • 如果需求量足够大,周六将再安排一趟航班。
    Another flight would be arranged on Saturday if sufficient demand arose
  • 确保系统目录和系统临时表空间中具有足够的自由空间。
    Ensure that there is sufficient free space on the system catalog and the system temporary tablespaces.
  • 是的,但是我如何知道我已经有了足够的细节?
    Yes, but how do I know if I have sufficient detail?
  • 把他们关起来是不够的,还要对他们进行治疗才行。
    Locking them away is not sufficient, you have to give them treatment.
  • 只要双方都有足够的诚意,这种纠纷是没有理由解决不了的。
    Give sufficient goodwill on both sides, there's no reason why this dispute shouldn't be resolved.
  • 我们村的储备粮够吃三年。
    Our village has a grain reserve sufficient for three years.
  • 我太紧张,没能有效地传达我演说的要点。
    My nervousness made me deliver the vital points of my address without sufficient punch
  • 他对我说,我的恩典够你用的。
    But he said to me," My grace is sufficient for you ".
  • 40瓦的灯泡完全够亮了,并且不会晃眼。
    A 40 watt bulb would be quite sufficient and would not obtrude
  • 飞机忽上忽下,飞行很不平稳,根本未达到应有的速度。
    The aircraft bumped along erratically without gathering anything like sufficient speed.
  • 简单的牛仔裤和T恤就足够了。
    Simple jeans and a t-shirt will be sufficient.
  • 有足够的调查证据支持这个观点。
    Sufficient research evidence exists to support this contention.
  • 有一些廉价的商品,但是数量不足以满足需求。
    Cheap goods are available, but not in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand
  • 建设电站的资金本该足够了。
    The money to build the power station ought to have been sufficient.
  • 在某些情况下,这可能就足够了。
    In some cases, this may be sufficient.
  • 光照亮度应达到不开闪光灯便可以清楚拍照的程度。
    Lighting levels should be sufficient for photography without flash
  • 他的减税方案还算不错,但并不足以促使经济再次发展。
    His plan for tax relief is fine as far as it goes but will not be sufficient to get the economy moving again.
  • 如果政府不让步,它就会面临重兵围困,必将迅速落败。
    If the government does not yield, it should face sufficient military force to ensure its certain and swift defeat.
  • 纪律是有必要的,但绝对不是保证学习成效的充分条件。
    Discipline is a necessary, but certainly not a sufficient condition for learning to take place.