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n. 受难;苦难的经历(suffering的复数)
sufferings - 指生活上的困苦,受难,疾苦
sufferings difficulty - 比喻疾苦
Sufferings People - 民瘼
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痛苦, 苦恼; 苦难的经历; 劳苦; 令人痛苦的事
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  • 如果我引起他痛苦,而且他也知道我是这痛苦的原因,我倒情原他少受点苦。
    I'd rather he suffered less, if I might cause his sufferings and he might know that I was the cause.
  • 但也许那是因为她的早年遭受的痛苦而表情变得无动于衷使然;我怎么也想不起她在审判期间的那幅面孔了。
    But perhaps it had set because of her early sufferings; I tried and failed to remember her face as it had been during the trial.
  • 她用她那只穿了孔的手痉挛地抓住马吕斯的手,好象已不再感到疼痛了。
    She grasped Marius' hand convulsively with her pierced hand, but she no longer seemed to feel her sufferings.
  • 设计师们称,这款特别设计的凉拖可以减震并能减少关节扭伤的风险。
    Designers say that the specially-engineered sandals absorb shock and reduce the danger of sufferings joint strain.
  • 我们受患难呢,是为叫你们得安慰……这安慰能叫你们忍受我们所受的那样苦楚。 我们为你们所存的盼望是确定的。
    If I am in distress, it is in the interests of your comfort, which is effective as it nerves you to endure the same sufferings as I suffered myself.
  • 但是死了以后,一切痛苦也就结束了。
    But we end our sufferings when we die.
  • 冥想疗法基于我们日常生活中有很多不必要的担心和苦痛的思想,这些思想由不规律的潜意识和错误或不合实际的信念组成。
    The Hakomi method is based on the idea that many of our daily sufferings are unnecessary, and are produced by unconscious beliefs that have no rationale, beliefs that are false or outdated.
  • 两代人的艰辛努力和流血牺牲,只见到国家进一步跌入羸弱,内外战争和民众难于承受的痛苦的深渊。
    Two generations toiled and bled only to see their country fall deeper into the abyss of national weakness, civil and foreign wars, and the unbearable sufferings of its people.
  • 只有这样,我们才能减轻未来时期将给我们每个人带来的伤痛,才能防止突如其来的溃败。
    Only thus shall we be able to mitigate the sufferings which the coming period will bring to each one of us and to prevent the collapse.
  • 我才不管你的痛苦哩。
    I care nothing for your sufferings.
  • 把大众的权力建立在私人的穷苦上面,国家的强盛扎根于个人的痛苦中,这是一种虚假的、危险的形势。
    A false and dangerous situation, which sates public power or private misery, which sets the roots of the State in the sufferings of the individual.
  • 随着时间的推移,我们将“精神障碍”这一术语运用到每日生活中普遍的痛苦、悲痛和折磨的界限愈加放松了。
    Over the course of time, we've become looser in applying the term 'mental disorder' to the expectable aches and pains and sufferings of everyday life," Frances says.
  • 我对你的痛苦表示真诚的同情。
    I really sympathize with your sufferings.
  • 再说,有痛苦,有忧愁,一方面有点面包,一方面有些烦恼,这一切已足够养活我了。
    Well, sufferings, uneasiness, a little bread on one hand, trouble on the other,--all this will support me.
  • 他详尽地叙述了自己的苦处。
    He recited his own sufferings at full length.