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  • 团队回到了大本营,莎拉对苏克雷进行了治疗处理。
    The team returns to the warehouse and Sara treats Sucre.
  • 苏克雷疑心他的动机,准备离开,但本杰明坚称,他只是想帮忙。
    Sucre is suspicious of his motives and nearly leaves, but C-Note insists that he's trying to help.
  • 不过我们很快就看到苏克雷有塞给他100美金。
    We then see Sucre give him another $100.
  • 苏克雷尾随史古德利来到了泳池,确定他没有将卡带在身上。
    Sucre follows Scuderi to the pool and is convinced he doesn't have the card on him.
  • 苏克雷将硬盘带在身上,为了接近塔克斯宏,与他的司机争吵起来。
    Sucre, holding the hard drive, fights with the driver in proximity to Tuxhorn.
  • 苏克雷紧张的很,但是史古德利的卡还是给他复制到了。
    Sucre is nervous, but the device tracks all of the information from Scuderi's card.
  • 西奥多被允许应答了电话,电话的另一端竟是苏克雷。
    T-Bag is allowed to answer the phone and finds Sucre on the other end.
  • 苏克雷看上去伤还没好,而迈克似乎感到十分晕眩。
    Sucre seems to be hurting and Michael appears to be very dizzy.
  • 苏克雷听到了一个奇怪的声音,不过他们都不知道是啥——他们必须爬上梯子找到声音的出处。
    Sucre hears a noise but they don’t know it is - and they need to follow a ladder right up to the noise.
  • 在地下道,迈可和苏克雷听到了管道中水已流空。
    Back underground, Michael and Sucre hear the water stop flowing.
  • 但是当苏克雷和莎拉抵达长途巴士站后,他们决定不走了。
    Yet when Sucre and Sara arrive at the bus station to escape, they decide not to leave.
  • 在锡拉房间的墙外,苏克雷正在给墙钻孔。
    In an Interior Tunnel/Wall Outside Scylla Hallway, Sucre is continuing to drill.
  • 兄弟俩现在有麻烦,除非苏克雷帮忙找到他们,不然很难脱险。
    The brothers are in trouble, and will only get out of it if Sucre helps him find them.
  • 在法庭里,马宏进场后发现苏克雷已经在那了,怀亚特也来了,莎拉拿着马宏的书面材料,假扮为他的律师坐在了辩护席上。
    Inside, Mahone enters court. Sucre is there. So is Wyatt. Sara goes to the defense table pretending to be Mahone's lawyer and takes his paperwork.
  • 他会找来马宏,苏克雷和巴利克来帮手。
    Self will get them Mahone, Bellick and Sucre as accomplices.
  • 格雷琴走下楼梯,苏克雷向她袭击。
    As Gretchen descends down the stairwell, Sucre attacks her.
  • 同时,马宏告诉苏克雷和莎拉,迈可要求他们离开本市。
    Meanwhile, Mahone tells Sucre and Sara that Michael planned their exits.