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adj. 实际存在的;现存的
subsistent - 存在的,实际存在的,不依赖人的意志为转移的客观世界
existent subsistent - 存在的
subsistent mechanism - 生存机制
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  • 他们作为一个艺术群体有着自己的特殊性和存在的意义。
    As an art community, they have their own particularity and subsistent significance.
  • 智能就是一个人运用以往积累的知识经验解决目前实际存在问题的能力。
    Intelligence is one individual carry with the knowledge that accumulates before experience is solved at present the ability of subsistent problem.
  • 这种病人的情绪反应之强烈与生活、工作环境中实际存在的困难很不相称。
    What the mood of this kind of patient reacts is intense with the subsistent difficulty in environment of the life, work very unworthily .
  • 最后论文在总结研究工作的基础上,对实验中存在的问题以及影响分辨率和精度的诸多因素做了一些探讨,以供进一步研究参考。
    At the end of the dissertation, it summarizes the content of the whole system, and also discusses the subsistent problems in the experiment and the future improvement for study.
  • 人体骨骼中微量元素已经广泛地应用为重建古代食物结构、生存方法、经济生活变化的指示剂。
    Trace elements in human bones have been widely used as indicators to reconstruct ancient diet, subsistent pattern and economic change.
  • 在许多国家,根本弄不到任何资金来进行任何性质的研究,因为这些国家只是些勉强维持生存的国家,甚至还缺乏充足的资金来使其人口得以果腹。
    In many countries, there is simply no money available for research of any kind as they are merely subsistent countries that even lack adequate funding to properly feed their own populations.
  • 最后得出了可行性研究结论, 并对存在问题进行了相关分析和论证。
    At last it comes to the feasibility conclusion, and makes some analysis on the subsistent problems.
  • 对象是不变的和实存的;它们的配置则是可变的和不定的。
    Objects are what is unalterable and subsistent; their configuration is what is changing and unstable.
  • 并且考虑薄膜效应与已有试验相比较表明该方法的适用性和可行性。
    Actually the application and the feasibility of this method are testified by contrasting to the subsistent testing.
  • 现实生存的人是在生态系统中从事着生命体验活动的人。
    The subsistent human beings in actuality are those who are experiencing life in an ecological system.
  • 随着工业和生活废弃物的排放日益增多,许多重金属污染物以多种途径进入土壤,对生态环境以及人类产生了直接或潜在危害。
    With the increasing of the industrial and subsistent wastes, many heavy metal contaminations entered into soils by many ways and induced direct or indirect harm to environment and humanity.
  • 因为,对孩子来讲鬼怪是实际存在的,他最需要的是安全感,家长要多给他一些爱,减轻孩子的害怕情绪。
    Because, will tell a phantom to the child is subsistent , what he needs most is safe feeling, the parent should give him a few love more, the fear that reduces the child mood.
  • 学生不仅可以实践模块中已设计好的实验,还可以根据已有资源和模块中的接口以及自己的想法进行创新性实验设计。
    Students can not only practise the designed experiments in the modules, but also make innovative experiments based on their ideas, subsistent resource and interface in the modules.
  • 同时还分析了建立综合管理体系可能存在的问题,并提出了几点建议。
    At the same time, the subsistent problems in the establishment course are discussed. Some suggestions are presented.
  • 后顾性文艺是社会的客观存在。
    The "looking back" literature and art is an objective social subsistent.