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n. 有轨电车
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  • 坐公共汽车或电车去那里,哪种较好?
    Which is better,to go there by bus or by streetcar?
  • 这是那个公园流行的马拉的车。电车脱轨了。
    This is a horse - drawn streetcar popular in that park.
  • 就在当天晚上,他被发现在电车轨道上流血致死。
    That night, he was found bleeding to death on the streetcar tracks.
  • 电车上没有人,恩佐意识到,可以阻止事故发生。
    No one on the streetcar, Enzo realized, could have prevented the accident.
  • 她四点一刻骑自行车去了有轨电车车库,四点半就上了开往施韦青根的有轨电车。
    She rode her bicycle to the streetcar depot at a quarter past four and was on the streetcar to Schwetzingen at four-thirty.
  • 我曾十分肯定她是被我赶走的,因为我曾经背叛和否认过她。 她离开了有轨电车公司确实逃避了一次暴露。
    I had been sure that I had driven her away because I had betrayed and denied her, when in fact she had simply been running away from being found out by the streetcar company.
  • 大体上,在靠近闻名遐迩的圣查尔斯大街有轨电车线附近的那些地区,生活已恢复到了正常水平。
    Life in those areas, roughly paralleling the historic St. Charles Avenue streetcar line, has bounced back to normal.
  • 我在电车里坐下来,发现椅子上靠着一把伞,那是一把漂亮的,丝绸质地的伞,它的银把手上面还镶嵌着金子和发着光的珐琅片。
    I sat down in the streetcar and there against the seat was a beautiful silk umbrella with a silver handle inlaid with gold and flecks of bright enamel.
  • 然后电车继续超前开去,我望着电车,朝下面一个凹处开去,在一座山后面消失了。
    Then the streetcar moved on, and I looked after it until it headed down into a dip and disappeared behind a hill.
  • 对有轨电车的撞击使那个老人的头撞在一个座椅横档上,也撞得恩佐双膝跪在地上。
    The jolt to the streetcar knocked the old man's head against a seat rail and drove Enzo to his knees.
  • 如果我们搭上一辆有轨电车,往四周看看,我们只能看到五花八门的广告招贴。
    If we look around when we get into a streetcar, we will see nothing but advertisements of all sorts and kinds.
  • 我在有轨电车里坐下来,发现座位边有一把漂亮的丝质伞,银把手上面还镶嵌着金子和亮丽的小片珐琅。
    I sat down in the streetcar--and there against the seat was a beautiful silk umbrella with a silver handle inlaid with gold and necks of bright enamel.
  • 该男子立即将自己的奥迪轿车向左径直开上了马路且冲进了一条有轨电车的轨道内。
    He did what he was ordered to do and turned his Audi left up over the curb and onto the track of a local streetcar line.
  • 有轨电车开过一站又一站。
    The streetcar passed one stop after another.
  • 他搭上了去布郎克斯他家的有轨电车。
    He caught the streetcar to his home in Bronx .
  • 我做了一件在别的场合不曾做的事情:我乘坐了有轨电车。
    I did something I never did otherwise: I took the streetcar.
  • 我在市内有轨电车上碰见了他。
    I met him on the streetcar.
  • 当我走到一半的路程时,那辆电车经过了我。
    When I was halfway there, the streetcar passed me.
  • 那就是为什么她拒绝了电车公司给她提拔的原因;当个检票员她可以隐瞒她的弱点,但当她受训成为一名电车司机时,事情就变得明显了。
    That was why she have avoided being promoted by the streetcar company; as a conductor she could conceal her weakness, but it would have become obvious when she was being trained to become a driver.
  • 你要是有点累了,那就坐电车或高架火车去浏览其中几家世界上规模最大、最宏伟的商店吧。
    When you get tired, take a streetcar or an "elevated train", and look at some of the largest and grandest shops in the world.
  • 市民在吃大蒜之后,至少四个小时内不准去影院、剧场,也不准乘坐公交有轨电车。
    Citizens are not allowed to attend a cinema or theatre nor ride in a public streetcar within at least four hours after eating garlic.