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adv. 直线地;立刻;直截了当地
adj. 笔直的;立刻的;通俗易懂的
n. 直线跑道
straightaway - 立刻,直线跑道,直道
straightaway cut - 直线切削
Straightaway Shootout - 挡泥板
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  • 很多正在过渡到产品负责人的产品经理发现,不写下所有的需求,不去定义细节是很有挑战性的——即使他们本可以这么做。
    Many product managers transitioning into the product owner role find it challenging not to write down all requirements and not to detail them straightaway—even if they could.
  • 他需要立刻去看医生。
    He needs to see a doctor straightaway.
  • 这是非常有用的在分娩时,因为你是能够看到和您的宝宝举行直截了当。
    This is useful in childbirth because you are able to see and hold your baby straightaway .
  • 我马上把亨利的事故告诉了我的妻子。
    And I told my wife straightaway about the accident of Henry.
  • 请立刻把蔬菜送上船。
    Please send the vegetables on board straightaway.
  • 如果您有这些症状的,重要的是要看到您的配镜师直截了当。
    If you have these symptoms, it is important to see your optician straightaway.
  • 她立刻把电话挂断了。
    She just hung up straightaway.
  • 这是很重要的谘询你的家庭医生直截了当如果发生这种情况。
    It is important to consult your GP straightaway if this happens.
  • 在比赛中我发现他的确有很大的问题,但我仍然必须在比赛中做到全神贯注。
    I noticed straightaway that he had a problem.I knew that, but I still had to remain very focused.
  • 她马上想起我对她说过的话。
    She remembered straightaway what I had said.
  • 通过一些通俗易懂的图形,对正交频分复用(OFDM)的基本原理及其在移动通信中的应用进行了阐述。
    In this article, the principle of OFDM and its application in Mobile Communications are introduced by several straightaway pictures.
  • 说话间,他向水手示意,他们立刻拔锚启航,离开泊位,向东方驶去。
    So saying he made a signal to the seamen, and straightaway they weighed anchor and cast the ship loose from its moorings, and they moved eastward.
  • 竞赛主要包括基于三角形路线的速度,海拔,返回准确性和直线距离。
    Major competitions include a series of events based on speed on a triangular course, altitude, accuracy in returning, and straightaway distance.
  • 请用通俗易懂的语言说明一下,谢谢。
    Explain with straightaway language please, thank.
  • 当然,如果我们这样做的话,那么我们应该停止这样直截了当的做事了。
    Of course, if we do, it's something that we should stop doing straightaway .
  • 为了把这件奇怪的事情弄清楚,我们得马上见他们。
    In order to straighten out this strange matter, we must meet them straightaway.
  • 如果你赶时间的话,我立刻就做。
    I'll do it straightaway if you are in a hurry.
  • 他(裁判)只是要求我把标签拿掉,而我立刻遵循了。
    He just asked me to take the label off, and I took it off straightaway.
  • 如果这家伙想要干什么, 你就打给我。 我们给他来个了结。
    If this guy tries anything, you call me up and we'll come straightaway.
  • 我建议他马上动身去咱们的总部。
    I suggested that he ( should ) set off for our headquarters straightaway .