stayed with

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stayed with - 和…呆在一起
cable-stayed bridge with support system - 支承体系斜拉桥
cable-stayed bridge with single tower - 独塔斜拉桥
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  • 幸好运气和他们同在。
    But luck stayed with them.
  • 我和艾米呆在一起。
    I stayed with Ami.
  • 女:最后是:“我去了父母家,并和他们待了一整天。”
    I went to my parents’ home and stayed with them for a whole day.
  • 从纽约出发,他们前往波士顿。 在那里,他们与一名年轻女士一块去看了场红袜队的比赛,并且与坐在他们前面的一群男士攀谈起来。
    From New York they headed to Boston, where they stayed with a young woman, and found themselves at a Red Sox game, befriending a group of men sitting in front of them.
  • 我和祖父呆在一起,这是可以的,我在自己想呆的地方。
    I stayed with Grampy, and that was okay with me. I was where I wanted to be.
  • 莫瑞说,他跟杰克逊一起待了大约10分钟,然后离开他的卧室去卫生间,大概有两分钟的时间。
    The physician said he stayed with Mr. Jackson for about 10 minutes and then left the entertainer's bedroom for about two minutes to go to the bathroom.
  • 我用它用了几十年了。
    It stayed with me for decades.
  • 整整一个月,小马都没有回家而是留下来陪她的外婆,她用她在医院所学的护理知识照顾着她病危的外婆。
    For a whole month, Ma did not go home but stayed with her grandmother, and used what she learned from the work to take care of the sick woman.
  • 我和朋友们在一起了。
    B:I stayed with my friends.
  • 他们和他们的团队同我们一起熬过这漫漫长夜。
    They and their teams stayed with us through the long night.
  • 为什么她和我父亲待在一起?
    Why she stayed with my father.
  • 马利亚和伊利沙伯同住,约有三个月,就回家去了。
    56Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.
  • “他们住进了我父母有40个房间的庄园里,”查尔斯回忆。
    “They stayed with my parents in their forty-room house,” Charles recalled.
  • 到了一座城,名叫以法莲,就在那里和门徒同住。
    Instead he withdrew to a region near the desert, to a village called Ephraim, where he stayed with his disciples.
  • 我只记得我们搬去了在哈尔茨山区的一个叫巴德·冈德西姆的地方,找到一位远房亲戚,并重新安顿下来。
    I do know that we ended up retreating to Bad Gandersheim, in the Harz Mountains, where we stayed with a distant cousin.
  • 阿里.阿布德萨拉姆说,当时在他们居住地区的攻击强度非常之大,以致于他得把家人带到米苏拉塔的北部,他们在那里和亲戚同住。
    Ali Abdsalaam says the intensity of the attacks on their residential neighborhood was such that he moved his family to the north of the city, where they stayed with relatives.