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n. 统计;统计学;[统计] 统计资料
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  • 他们已经尽力搜集了数据,并将它们输入了自己的计算机。
    They have gathered the best statistics they can find and run them through their own computers.
  • 该学位课程将为数学和统计学打下扎实的基础。
    The degree provides a thorough grounding in both mathematics and statistics.
  • 统计数据让人难以置信。
    The statistics beggar belief
  • 如果你只采集了一个样本,那么所有的数据就有问题了。
    If you only take a sample then all the statistics are up the spout.
  • 米彻先生援引统计数据来说明最贫困人口的生活水平下降了。
    Mr Meacher quoted statistics saying that the standard of living of the poorest people had fallen.
  • 我正在为交通事故的报告汇集统计数字。
    I am compiling statistics for a report on traffic accidents.
  • 收集数据来证明他的假设是否成立要花上数年的时间。
    The statistics to prove or disprove his hypothesis will take years to collect.
  • 国际劳工部公布了下面的统计。
    The international labor office publishes the following statistics.
  • 这项统计数据显然没有披露未登记的罪案。
    The statistics don't reveal of course unrecorded crime
  • 关于阵亡人数没有可靠的统计数字。
    There are no reliable statistics for the number of deaths in the battle.
  • 访谒者操作的欣赏器与平台多种多样。
    Statistics indicate visitors use a wide variety of browsers and platforms.
  • 统计显示抑郁症患者比正常人更容易生病。
    Statistics indicate that depressed patients are more likely to become ill than are normal people
  • 该组织定期出版一份环境统计数据摘要。
    The organization publishes a regular digest of environmental statistics.
  • 他们已经开始整理自己有关种族歧视的统计数据。
    They have begun to collate their own statistics on racial abuse.
  • 你能费心将这些统计数字抄下来吗?
    Would you bother to copy the statistics down?
  • 统计数据描绘了一幅不容乐观的画面:失业率攀升,信贷从紧,家庭观念淡薄,就业机会增长缓慢。
    Statistics paint a sobering picture — unemployment, tight credit, lower home values, sluggish job growth.
  • 尽管统计数字凿凿,仍有个别病人能够做到将它抛在一边,相信自己可以活下来。
    Exceptional patients have the ability to throw statistics aside to say, 'I can be a survivor'.
  • 这些新的统计数据证实经济衰退已经严重到我们最为担忧的境地。
    These new statistics confirm our worst fears about the depth of the recession
  • 没有以往的统计数据可供比较。
    There are no previous statistics for comparison.
  • 数字低于7%,只是因为统计数据没有把不能算作劳动力的人口包括在内。
    It's under 7 percent only because statistics don't count the people who aren't qualified to be in the work force
  • 他懂一点统计学。
    He has some acquaintance with statistics.
  • 尽管会显得啰唆,但我还得再说一遍,统计数字只是一个参考。
    At the risk of being repetitive, I will say again that statistics are only a guide