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n. [轻] 订书机;主要商品批发商;把羊毛分级的人
stapler - 订书机,订书器,吻合器
Stapleless Stapler - 无针订书机
Plastic stapler - 塑料机系列
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  • 这订书机是她的。
    The stapler belongs to her.
  • 书包,剪刀,铅笔,尺子,书,订书机,笔。
    School bag, Scissors, pencil, Ruler, Book, Stapler. , Pen.
  • 只见它伸出带关节的机械臂,四下里旋转,然后就用带橡皮垫的长手指轻轻地拾起了订书机。
    Its articulated arm reaches out, swivels here and there, and then gently picks up the stapler with long, rubber-clad fingers.
  • 你在心里对自己说“如果下次乔安娜再嚼口香糖的话,我发誓一定冲过去将订书机甩到她位置上。
    "If Joanne cracks her gum one more time, I swear I'm going to send my stapler sailing into her cubicle," you think to yourself.
  • 你可以召唤一个订书机、一头恐龙甚至是一个巫师来帮你。
    Think a stapler or a dinosaur or a wizard can assist you in your quest?
  • 就像普通办公用的订书机:假如订书针没有标准,你不得不到订书机卖主那挑选适合你的订书机的订书针。
    Like the common office stapler: If there was no standard for staple size, you would be forced to select your staples from the vendor who made your stapler.
  • 珍妮:我要买一卷录音带,一些粘胶和浆糊,一个订书机和一把剪刀。
    Jane: I'm going to get a tape some glue or paste a stapler and a pair of scissors .
  • 我从来没有想过我能离开订书机或者曲别针整整一年,但是我很高兴的告诉大家,我做到了,因为我发现把文件装订到一起并不像我想象的那么重要。
    I never thought I could go a year without a stapler or paperclips — but I'm happy to report that I have. (I guess attaching papers isn't as important as I'd thought!
  • 亲爱的上帝,我想订书机是你最伟大的发明之一。
    Dear God, I think the stapler is one of your greatest invention.
  • 我找不到订书机。
    I can't find the stapler.
  • 他想要一个订书机, 但她没有。
    He wants a stapler, but she have not get one.
  • 一台笔记本几乎能包揽了我的工作,根本用不着像钢笔,纸夹,订书机之类碍手碍脚的东西。
    I do almost all of my work digitally, so really don't need pens, paperclips, or a stapler standing by.
  • 在此情况下,我们可以很容易地得到一个红色订书机,但是要得到一台传真机则需要经过批准才行。
    Thus we can easily get a red stapler, but have to have approval to get a FAX machine.
  • 亲爱的上帝,我想订书机是你最伟大的发明之一。露丝。
    Dear God, I think the stapler is one of your greatest invention. Ruth M.