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n. 看台;架子;货摊(stand的复数)
v. 位于(stand的第三人称单数);站立;忍受
Stands - 机架,看台,伫立,露天座位
Baisn Stands - 脸盆架
Putter Stands - 推杆陈列架
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  • 它应该是建立在一种思想观念上的。
    It stands or falls on an attitude of mind.
  • 我热爱这间公司及它所代表的一切。
    I love the company and everything it stands for.
  • 无论在现实世界中还是在我们的头脑里,这个规律都成立。
    Whether in the physical world or in our minds, this principle stands.
  • 他慢慢的站起来。
    He stands up, slowly.
  • 我看见看台上有许多学生在欢呼和喝彩。
    I saw many students on the stands shouting and cheering.
  • 另一个勤杂工站在他身前,拿着装有药片的纸杯。
    Another one stands in front of him, holding the pill cup.
  • 仅有一个人物耸立在我的记忆里。
    Only one personality stands out in my memory.
  • 他胜负的可能性各占一半。
    He stands an even chance of winning.
  • 但即使没有数据,他也会支持自己的研究。
    But even without the data, he stands behind his study.
  • 运动场的看台坡度很大。
    The stands at the sports ground rake steeply.
  • 你能看到,它(声誉)就在那儿,和一切别的东西一起,你能看到,它是怎样竖起来的,怎样持续地,人们又是怎以取消它或崇拜它的。
    You see it out there with everything else, and you see how it stands, and how it lasts, how people make fun of it or how they adore it.
  • 他站起来进行演示。
    He stands up to demonstrate.
  • 在最后一只牛的前面站着个屠夫。
    At the head of the last stands the slaughterman.
  • 慢食运动反对它的对立面:快餐精神和拥护它作为一种生活方式的任何事物。
    Slow Food is against its counterpart: the spirit of Fast Food and what it stands for as a lifestyle.
  • 约翰回答说:“我是用水施洗,但有一位站在你们中间,是你们不认识的
    I baptize with water," John replied, "but among you stands one you do not know.
  • 我们仍然不清楚他在这个问题上的立场。
    We still do not know where he stands on the issue.
  • 在我们选他当国会议员之前,我们要知道他的主张。
    Before we elect him to parliament, We want to know what he stands for.
  • 他把球打到南边的看台上去。
    He clouted the ball into the south stands.
  • 他站起来,然后慢慢地把他的晚餐丢进洗碗槽里。
    He stands up, then slowly shovels his dinner into the sink.
  • 我们之所以这样做,是因为我们所生活的这块土地和它代表的一切鼓励我们这样做。
    And we do this because we are encouraged to do this by virtue of the land in which we live and all that it stands for.
  • 他只是站在那里。一个人。
    He just stands there. By himself.
  • 他喝光杯子里的酒,站了起来。
    He drains his glass and stands up.