stage fright

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Stage fright - 怯场,欲海惊魂,不怯场
stage-fright - 怯场,上场晕
Stage Fright - 欲海惊魂,舞台恐惧,会呈现勇场
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  • 即便是著名的演说家,也有怯场的时候。
    Even great speakers may sometimes get stage fright.
  • 她过去常常怯场。
    She used to have stage fright.
  • 近期的研究把对演讲的害怕,又称为 怯场 或 言语恐怖 ,排到了对所有事物恐惧的前5位。
    Recent studies rank the fear of public speaking, a.k.a. stage fright or Glossophobia , in the top 5 of all fears.
  • 我将要做一个演讲。你能告诉我曾样才能克服怯场吗?。
    I'm about to give a speech. Could you tell me how to bring the curtain down on stage fright?
  • 我在作讲座前经常怯场,但是我一旦开始讲话后通常马上就好了。
    I often feel stage fright before I give a lecture, although I'm usually all right once I've started speaking.
  • 如果你将这些策略纳入你自己演出的准备中,你的经验将和我的类似,而你将可以告别上台恐慌忧郁!
    If you incorporate these strategies into your own performance preparation, your experiences will likely be similar to mine, and you can then say goodbye to the Stage Fright Blues!
  • 公开演奏中的怯场现象就是这种矛盾和冲突的产物。
    Stage fright in public performance is the result of the contradiction and conflict.
  • 我会鼓励他多与同龄人交往的,这样,他就能在一个相对熟悉的环境中学会与人交往。
    Plenty of people have this kind of stage fright. I know that I do.
  • 在任何一个演讲教室里,学生最首要的担忧之一就是怕上台。
    One of the major concerns of students in any speech class is stage fright.
  • ⊙、人生这部大戏,一旦拉开序幕,不管你如何怯场,都得演到戏的结尾。
    The drama of life, once started, no matter how you stage fright, had to play to the end of the play.
  • 尽管阿加莎的歌唱和音乐课成绩都很优秀,但她却患上了严重的舞台表演恐惧症,这样一来,任何涉及在公众场合表演的职业对阿加莎来说,都只能是可望而不可即了。
    But although she did well in singing and music lessons Agatha developed terrible stage fright, making a career involving any kind of public performance utterly out of the question.
  • 我见过上百次这样的策略,常常是演讲者,或歌手在多年尝试克服上台恐慌后,仍未见效的主要原因。
    I have seen strategies like these used hundreds of times, and they are often the main reason a speaker (or singer) is still struggling with stage fright after years of trying to overcome it.
  • 此外,还针对在演唱表演中容易心理紧张的歌唱者介绍了克服怯场心理的几种方法。
    In addition, for concert performances in the psychological stress of the singer easily introduced several methods to overcome Stage Fright.
  • 很多时候,在活动开始前很长时间,“怯场”情绪会随着对表演活动的期待而强烈起来。
    Quite often, stage fright arises in a mere anticipation of a performance, often a long time ahead.
  • 这些药物通常在症状已经影响到特定场合时使用(比如怯场)。
    They are most commonly prescribed when the symptoms of social phobia occur in specific situations, such as "stage fright."
  • 比如,一个商人每次出席会议总是因为怯场而有一种挫败感,于是,他努力克服自己的心理障碍,结果他终于成为一个杰出的演说家。
    A businessman who is frustrated by stage fright every time he must address a conference, for example, devotes special efforts to overcome this handicap and consequently becomes an outstanding speaker.
  • 他因害怕而口吃起来。
    I get a stage fright.
  • 有时候我还有些怯场。
    Sometimes I still suffer from stage fright.
  • 你曾经怯场过吗?
    Michael, have you ever had stage fright?
  • 我试了一下,足以让自己消除了怯场的心理。
    I tried it and, sure enough, freed myself from stage fright.
  • 你怎么应付怯场?
    How do you handle stage fright?
  • 我的老师,知道我确实怯场,让我在放学后去见她。
    I got an “F” for that assignment, and my teacher, knowing that I was really struggling with stage fright, asked me come see her after school.
  • 我刚好呕吐过,当我坐下时,我有些怯场。
    I'd just thrown up, and when I sat down I got stage fright.
  • 然而,我有个好消息,我在过去超过十年,对这种现象的研究,告诉我上台恐慌是可以治疗的。
    But I have good news: My study of this phenomenon over the past decade has taught me that stage fright really is curable.