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n. 马铃薯;小锄头;剥取树皮用的刀
vt. 用小锄头挖掘
spud - 铲,剥皮刀,定位桩
spud mud - 开钻泥浆,开钻泥浆水,开钻钻井液
eye spud - 眼铲
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小锄头, 马铃薯, 剥取树皮用的刀
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  • 他坐在阳光里,和带著一个麻袋、一个挖掘用的小锄头和一些捕鼹鼠器穿过树林而来的汤米獾热诚地交谈。
    He sat in the sun, and conversed cordially with Tommy Brock, who was passing through the wood with a sack and a little spud which he used for digging, and some mole traps.
  • 更多肉汤?再来一个马铃薯?当盘子里已经盛满了食物,却还要再挤进一小份的时候,我们问这会带来什么危害。令人遗憾的是,这会带来相当多的危害。 。
    More gravy? Another spud? What harm can it do, we ask, as we squeeze another morsel on to an already heaving plate. The answer, sadly, is quite a lot.
  • 我们开钻的时间到了。
    It's time for us to spud in.
  • 星期天做电视虫最好不过了。我只起来去拿另一杯可乐或者多拿点垃圾食品。
    Sundays are best spent as a sofa spud. I only get up to get another glass of Coke or more junk food.
  • 打完单根划眼一次,直到打完一开。
    Do a dummy trip after single joint drilling until the first spud in finished.
  • 我知道,我们不会马上开钻。
    I knew that we should not spud in at once.
  • 现代世界的存在要归功于微不足道的马铃薯?
    Does the modern world owe its very existence to the humble spud?
  • 很好的逻辑嘛。
    Great logic from a spud.
  • 准备测探板和钢丝绳测量水深。
    Prepare spud plate and wire-line to check water depth.
  • 承包商将负责任何的预钻许可事宜,包括土地使用、环境许可证。
    The COMPANY will be responsible for any pre-spud permitting, including land use, drilling and environmental permits.
  • 每个周日下午你会发现我是个真正的“沙发马铃薯”,看重放的老电影。
    On any Sunday afternoon you will find me being a real sofa spud watching old re-run movies.
  • 请准备开钻吧!
    Get ready to spud in, please!
  • 我的兄弟们,我们还戴着一些白色的领巾,看上去效果就像土豆泥或者土豆泥用叉子在上面耕作过一样。
    Then, my brothers, we had these off-white cravats which looked like whipped - up kartoffel(potato) or spud with a sort of a design made on it with a fork.
  • 请准备开钻吧!
    Get ready to spud in, pleottom!
  • 毕竟,是7英尺7英寸的曼纽特•波尔(Manute Bol)在10英尺高度扣篮,还是5英尺7英寸的斯波特•韦伯(Spud Webb)完成同样动作,更能给人留下深刻印象呢?
    After all, which is more impressive – 7 foot 7 inch tall Manute Bol dunking a basketball on 10 foot high goal or 5 foot 7 inch tall Spud Webb accomplishing the same task?
  • 这是一种营养的马铃薯富含维生素A和维生素C。
    This is one nutritious spud as it is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C.
  • 所以,当下次有人问你“要不要配薯条”时,请先回想一下可怜的小土豆所走过的漫长而艰难的道路,然后回答:“是的,谢谢。”
    So the next time someone says, "You want fries with that?", take a moment to remember the long, hard journey of the poor little spud. And answer, "Yes, thank you.
  • 我希望我们来日诰日能开钻。
    I hoped that we should spud in tomorrow.
  • 我们斯文地绕过土豆地,在远侧几个中心旋转系统圈之间找到它的踪迹,那里盛开着繁茂的亮黄色油菜花。
    We politely circumvented the spud field and picked up her track on the far side, between several more center-pivot circles, blooming bright yellow and rank with canola.
  • 这是一种营养的马铃薯富含维生素A和维生素C。 甜土豆还有一个独一无二的抗氧化功能。
    This is one nutritious spud as it is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. Sweet potatoes also contain an unique set of antioxidant capabilities.
  • 吃这种优秀的食物会让你的美丽更上一层楼,由于它所含的大量的β胡萝卜素(让地瓜带上橘色的健康抗氧化剂)。
    Eating this brilliant vegetable is like giving your body a beauty treatment, thanks to its high concentration of beta carotene (the healthful antioxidant that gives this spud its orange hue).