spent with family

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • 我以一种我没有过的方式珍惜与家人和朋友的相处。
    I value time spent with family and friends in a way that I never did before.
  • 我喜欢美味的食物,也喜欢和家人呆在一起的时光。
    I like the delicious food as well as the time spent with my family.
  • 他仅有的一点空余时间都是与家人在一起度过的。
    What little free time he had was spent with the family.
  • 这次经常花费与家庭在微型断裂和远足上。
    This time is often spent with the family on mini breaks and outings.
  • 我最大的缺点是我珍惜与家人相处的闲暇时间,所以我很重视周末与晚间休息的时间。
    My greatest weakness is that I value leisure time spent with my family and therefore I treasure my weekends and free time in the evenings.
  • 这些时间我们本来可以和我们的家人呆在一起,或是去海滩、或是看看书、或是开始写你的一部作品。
    That time could have been spent with your family, on the beach, reading, or working on your first book.
  • 这就是说,与家人朋友相处的哪怕是一小段时间也可以让人受益无穷,并且这样做能是我们更有效率地利用时间。
    This means that just a little time spent with your family and friends can go a long way —a much more effective use of your time, by the way.
  • 他和他的家人一起在他心爱的船上航行游玩。
    He spent time with his family, sailing on his beloved boat.
  • 这是和家人相聚的好时光。
    This is a time best spent with family.
  • 是的, 我们在一起比与家人的在一起的时间更多。
    Alice Nine. : Yeah, lately we spend more time together with the band compared to time spent with family and siblings.
  • 为此,他更珍惜和家人在一起的时间,打算在自己最后的日子里,与家人留下美好的回忆,开始安排各种活动。
    Because of this, he cherishes the time spent with his family and wishes to leave behind good memories during his last days. He arranges many types of activities with his family.
  • 可是不论我们花了多少时间与精力,结果不只是不太对,而且越来越糟。
    Despite our effort and the tremendous amount of time and energy we spent with our family, we recognized that the things were not right and that things were getting progressively worse.
  • 和这个家庭在一起的时间越多,巴里就越了解这个家庭。
    The more time he spent with the family, the more he knew about it.
  • 他仅有的一点空余时间都是与家人在一起度过的。
    What little free time he had was spent with the family. = The little free time he had was spent with the family.
  • 和朋友、家人在一起(玩游戏,讲故事等等。)
    Time spent with family and friends (playing games, telling stories, etc.)
  • 夏季意味着你会花许多时间在户外活动,所以应该做好恰当的预防措施保障人身安全。
    The season means a lot of time is spent outdoors with the family, so take the proper precautions to ensure everyone’s safety for summer.
  • 加班会增加疲劳减少与家人在一起的时间,以至于很难保持快乐也难以平衡工作与家庭。
    Working overtime increases your level of fatigue and decreases time spent with your family, making happiness and work family balance difficult to maintain.
  • 因此,新年起始的那几分钟会用于和家人或朋友在一起团聚。
    Therefore, the first few minutes of the New Year would be spent with family or friends.
  • 与家人在户外度过的每一小时都可能会是你曾用来暴饮暴食、铺张浪费,或者是沉迷于博客网站。
    Every hour spent outside with your family is an hour when you’re not overeating, overspending, or obsessing over blog analytics.
  • 花时间与家人在一起。
    Spent time with your family.